Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lessons learnt from Khanyi

I recently read Bitch Please I'm Khanyi Mbau and if I have to be honest I quite enjoyed it. I may be a little biased because I admire her guts but the book was really a page turner. Khanyi deserves a round of applause because she isn't trying to justify herself and she tells it like it is. She's someone who likes the finer things and did what she wanted to get it. It might not have been the right way to do it but she knew what she was getting into so who are we too judge her? Some of her lines about the ordinary folk were shocking but she probably just had the guts to say what other people think of but don't say it out like that. Khanyi's story also revealed her vulnerable side and I kind of feel bad for her after all she's only human. I'm surprised at how much I can relate to her and I'm sure we not the only two people in the world to make mistakes or get hurt. Her lessons on love and relationships spoke volumes to me and I really understood her and I'm sure other girls can too.

My favourite quotes include - "It's not my fault your poor. Just write the ticket."
                                           "It's always the people we let in that destroy us."
                                            "You lose yourself when he breaks your heart. The love goes away. You wait  
                                              with baited breath to get him out of your system so you can live again."
                                            "It's up to me to make sure that the next person I get naked with is someone
                                             fully mine. Someone who is one flesh with me so that if they harm me, they
                                             only harm themselves."

Merry Christmas

Some people may take away our joy but Christmas reminds us that the Lord Jesus Christ makes all that we have possible. Merry Christmas to all of you and remember to smize

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Durban Rocks

Its been months since my dream to go to Durban popped into my head and finally I got to go. I enjoyed five great days in Durban with my friends Alex and Yvonne. It had me asking what else could a girl ask for? The day we arrived we hit the nightlife of Durban at BLVD the famous Boulevard Lounge/Club on Florida road. We met the best bartenders ever who gave us so many free rounds it was amazing. Plus all the great music to dance too while sipping on Cosmo's made it all worthwhile. The headache however the next day was excruciating but just serves to show that it was the place to be. The following day we headed to the beach and it was breathtaking  its different all the time, frolicking in the water and trying to catch the biggest wave. The famous rickshaw rides at Ushaka beach truly made me feel like a Zulu princess. Royalty if you know what I mean. Ushaka Marine World is one place you cannot leave Durban without experiencing. There is so much to offer. Too bad for me we got there late and I couldnt enjoy Shark diving but there was still so much for me to do. I had a blast. We endulged in sea food, Italian food and so much more on our stay. I sure did gain a few pounds but its all worth it. Since I was living le good life. Another place I visited was Pietermaritzburg where we enjoyed lots of wine all night. Our last day in Durban included movies and every girls dream shopping. It was sad to say goodbye but it was also good to get back home. These are memories I will hold dear all thanks to my mum and friends.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Will he understand
When I'm in your arms
I often wonder if it's time to say goodbye now
And think of the man who isnt afraid to love me
When will he walk through the door
When will he be more of a man
Will he understand
That I'm not like most people
Will he understand
My passion or my drive
Or will he be overwhelmed by it
Will he understand
That I do what I like when I want
That I say what I say cause I can
Will he understand
That I like a drink or two
Will he understand
That I don't want to be hurt
And that I cry sometimes
Even behind my smiles
Will he understand
That he will never be like you
Will he

Monday, 22 October 2012

Dreams and Desires: Book Review

Dreams and Desires by Louis Make published by Sapphire Press ISBN 978-0-7957-0432-1 in Cape Town.This is a South African romance book about Moyomhle an uptight woman who meets Zakhele who turns her life upside down by breaking all her defenses. Strong echoes of love are embedded in the book. It shows how love makes its way into people’s lives no matter the circumstances.
The characters Moyomhle and Zakhele have found themselves in the game of love. Moya represents a lot of women in this world. The type of woman, who has met men that have lied, cheated and misused her. These experiences have shaped who she is now, a no nonsense woman who does not take men at face value. Life does that to people, women in particular and one feels sorry for her but at the same time we can not blame her because she is trying to protect herself. The journey the book takes us on is one were we hope things turn out differently for her this time around. Will he prove her wrong or will he affirm her view of men.    
Moya is a headstrong and not willing to take risks without knowing what may come out of it character. This had a big impact on me because I believe that women should not be afraid to take control of their lives especially when it comes to avoiding situations that can lead to them getting hurt. The last thing one wants is to be taken advantage of and the last thing one wants to read about is reading about a fellow woman being mistreated. Moya’s actions are therefore encouraged.
Moya never believed that a man like Zakhele would be good for her or whether she would be good enough for him. Certain aspects of who he was made her believe that it would not work between them but it is these very aspects of Zakhele that brings their love story together. As I read the book I began to think maybe she was right but then as I delved deeper I realized that love has no conditions just like how life just happens love happens too.
 Zakhele the uber male character that has women falling at their knees for him is the stereotypical male character when it comes to being tall, dark and handsome and smooth talking. However the way he approaches love is different to most men, he has the right intentions, and he knows what he wants and goes for it, that is, he pursues Moya. What I liked most about him is that he acknowledged that love grew in his heart and that if Moya was not keen he would let her go because he loved her and hoped maybe one day love will grow within her too.
I have been in love and have lost it myself but this book made me feel like I had found love again. The story is about how one finds love and shuns it away because of the fear of the unknown and the lack of belief that someone can truly love you without any hidden intentions, without the pain and heartbreak that comes with the lies and deceitfulness that love comes with at times. This why “She couldn’t expose herself to him, couldn’t say those words out loud… She couldn’t admit that she’d fallen for the sweet words of yet another egotistical playboy”. This is often true for most women and Moya speaks directly at the reader as her emotions resonate with how most of us often feel.
The reason I loved this book and found it an enjoyable read was because the author was able to make me relate with the main characters as their situation is one often felt by many people around the world. I related to the leading female character because her response to love is often one that most women face because we are so used to men playing games that when love really arrives we are too blind to see it or believe in it or mainly we see it but look the other way because to feel the aching heartbreak that love brings is just too much to bare.
Dreams and Desires has interesting lead characters, one asks why Moya is so difficult but at the same time I sided with her. The mystery of the lead male character and were his intentions lie are page turners. Will Moya ever open her heart to love? This question ran through my mind as I kept turning the pages. One wonders were her heart will be at the end of it all. We get to know more about the characters and we fall in love in with them as we root for Moya to find love. Moya’s character does develop as the book goes on in terms of her beliefs and perceptions towards men.
The theme of this story is romance. It is a traditional love story and allows the reader to escape. We often face the same situations in life and therefore this book shows us how others deal with similar love or relationship situations. No matter who you are or what you have been through one thing we all have yearned for at some point in our lives is love and this book made me realise that love conquers all no matter how dark the situation.
This novel is for readers who believe in the complexities of love and understand that love does not always come easily. It is a book that will appeal to anyone who loves a good love story and the hopeless romantics. I have never heard of men who love romance novels but I am sure that this book is targeted at women of all ages because love finds women at all ages and this book brings romance and love to the readers.
The writing style is simple and informal, it allows for love and heartbreak undertones. I loved every aspect of this book because it was real and the emotions were real. It shows what love is about and that is the true essence of this book that love does happen no matter how hard your heart is when the right type of love comes along it will melt you because that love becomes yours no matter how hard you try to fight it. Moya’s words describe this perfectly “Moya’s inability to reject those flowers was evidence of the chink in the steel wall she had carefully rebuilt around her heart”
Lessons are learnt by Moya as she discovers the joys and pains of love. Her opinions change towards the end of the book and this allows the reader to realise that one only realizes what they had when it’s gone and if you do not fight for it you will never know what will have come out from it. Moya’s dreams become her desires in reality because she learns to embrace what love is really about no matter the outcome.
The imperfectness of love is portrayed in this book. One realizes that love comes when you least expect it and from the person you least expect to get it from. It is not like careers which are often planned. True love grows and comes from within and no matter how strong or independent a woman is if that feeling engulfs you it is one that can not be easily shaken off. As Moya falls in love with Zakhele the emotions she feels are felt by the reader too. Her love for Zakhele leaves an imprint in our hearts and gives hope to those who have lost love or had their hearts toiled with that their day to fully embrace love again will come too.
The author Louise Make is thirty, Xhosa and Capetonian by birth. She comes from a family of strong women. Her family background may be the reason why her books have strong, independent female lead characters such as Moya in the book Dreams and Desires.
Her other work includes Five-star Seduction and this further emphasizes how most of her leading ladies are career women who are not ready for love and attraction. They are independent and do not want to be men’s playthings. However she leans past the male stereotypes in that these men are more serious about love and relationships than most.
This book made me believe that as much as love sometimes only seems to be real in books and dreams it is possible to have it in real life too. A love that truly exists for two and no more is shown perfectly in this book. The belief I had in Moya in the beginning of the book is one that stays on after closing the book.
“You’re taking me on the best adventure of my life. The thought of building a home with you excites me more than anything else. I want a family with you, my lovely – and I want us to grow together. I’m done chasing thrills. I have everything I need right here with you”. Now tell me that this statement is something you can’t believe in because I know I sure can.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Birthday Speech

This is a little something I wrote for my family as a speech on my birthday.......
21 September 1991 was the day I came into this world and today is the 21st of September 2012. It has been a long journey and I am sure that there is a lot in store for me in the many more years to come. Being brought into this world and looking at the world with innocent eyes during my childhood is one of the moments I wish I could go back to but now am all grown up now and I see the world in different eyes. I realise now why mum would always say don’t be in a rush to grow up. Mum I love you and I always will. I thank you for being my rock and trying to protect me from the things I still struggle to understand. Sometimes I feel I robbed your from enjoying being young when you had me but I know now that it is a blessing because we’ve grown together, I apologize for giving you a hard time at times and I apologize for the hard times we will face later on but I want you to know all I ever strive for is to make you happy and proud. You the coolest mum I know and now that I am growing up I see qualities in me that are so much like yours and I know that my mother is a fighter and if I can have one quality of yours that’s one thing I am proud of. I am proud to have a mum like you who raised me, pulled my ears and combed my hair. I love you mum and I appreciate all the things you have done for me. Together we are not just mother and daughter now I can say we are superwomen and I thank you for birthing life and igniting the light within me that you call Chiedza. I want to thank the rest of my family for always believing in me even when I never believed in myself. I understand it’s not easy to have a daughter, granddaughter, niece or cousin who is as outspoken, blunt and a little bit crazy like me. I know sometimes you never understand the decisions I make but I know it has never stopped you from loving me. I am grateful. To my Gogo, my source, my strength and my friend I’d like to thank you for showing me what strong, independent women are like. And for always giving me more pocket money even though u knew I had because u believed girls shouldn’t go around without money otherwise they will start looking for trouble, the girl talks we had and the never ending African movies we could never change the channel even when you knew you were falling asleep on the couch, thank God for PVR now. Sometimes I’d keep quiet when you asked who’s in the kitchen even when I was there because I knew you would ask for some ice blocks but am glad you are my Gogo because that’s what makes you special. To Aunty Tendi thank you for making me realise its okay to say good riddance to guys who don’t deserve me and yes for changing my poopoo diaper something you never let me forget, To my dad even though I don’t see you everyday and your not so much a part of my life as much as I want you to be, you taught me one thing that no man will ever love me as much as my daddy. To Mu thanks for always having my back and protecting my honour when guys try to diss me, To uncle tucx where do I start with u firstly id like to apologize for painting your toes and putting Sibongile Aza’s black baby in your blankets. But I want to thank you because you have been the weirdly absurdly father figure in my life. When I am down you always know there’s Chicken Licken, when we are bored u always know we can call friends and have a braai or better yet call Chichi when you’ve got a horror movie to watch and you pretend you not scared but u just want to watch it with. You taught me not to take life too seriously live everyday like it’s your last but always keep a level head. Uncle Jim well I don’t see you much but you’ve bailed me out on numerous occasions and I am forever grateful. You have taught me the importance of having your family’s back even if you don’t see them everyday, To my crazy little sister Aza u taught me what it means to a big sister even though I longed for a big sister myself when I was growing up. I love u always from your quirky videos, your dance moves and the fact that you followed after me outspoken and u r yourself. Let no one ever tell you you’re not good enough because u go beyond that seeing your smile brightens my day no matter how angry I am. Your hugs and your baby voice make you who you are. You are my little star and I know in my heart that when you grow up you will be an even bigger and brighter star, To Michael my brother from another mother, today is our birthday and I am so happy to share my special day with. You taught me the value of hommies over whores excuse my language, u taught me that no matter what people say I am the best damn thing and anyone would be a fool not to cherish me. You taught me the value of me and that even when we sitting on the corner stoop we don’t have to limit ourselves to that stoop we can be anything we want to be and even when we fail and people laugh we can keep trying. Nothing can take that away from us the fighter’s spirit, the legends 305 till we die. I l.ove u. To Pulu I miss u and I wish u were here with us celebrating. You always believed in me and always gave me the best advice in short never marry a zezuru Muzukuru, work hard and be strong. Plus dance even if you are not a great dancer. I love u Pulu and hope u looking down on us smiling. I hope I make u proud. Finally Melody my best friend, I don’t know where u came from and how it happened, I treated u badly at first and I’m sorry but I’m glad we looked passed that and u arrived in my life like a shooting star u are one of a kind. U always used to knock on my window to go to church on Sundays and I always used to be like cant she leave me alone why does she bother. You saved my life when I was really down, when I needed someone to show me the way. I love you for that and even though we are polar opposites u get me and I can’t imagine my life without you. So I thank you for being my best friend and I hope things will never change. Thank you all for being here with me today.
I would like to toast to celebrating life.

Monday, 8 October 2012

“ Child Welfare is for the children and their families and not against them”

      I have been working with Child Welfare a non-governmental organization based in Halfway House Midrand. Child Welfare’s registration number is 001-330 NPO. The organization serves the Midrand area, Rabie Ridge, Ivory Park Ext. 2, Mzabalazo and Thembakoza. Child Welfare aims to protect, uplift and promote the well-being of children and their families through the provision of essential social services, community development and livelihood projects in Midrand and surrounding areas. Their cause is very close to my heart as all of us know the joy of children whether they are our children or siblings or friends .

     Services are rendered to children from birth to the age of 18 years. Child Welfare aims to uplift the standard of living for children and their families affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS. Livelihood development projects address the issue of unemployment through skills development, job creation and entrepreneurial training for parents and caregivers in the Ivory Park community They are doing more hope you can join me and please support Child Welfare by checking out their Facebook page ; Child Welfare SA:Midrand/ Twitter page @childwelfareMID and doing anything you can to help

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The forbidden fruit

So Ive decided to (journalize) not an actual word, about the power of sex with someone you love. In other words this is making love. So the moment when you just have to write about great sex you know for sure it was great sex. When you have a great connection with someone and you decide to indulge in pleasures for the both of you nothing can beat that, even a booze filled one night stand cannot compete. When you really love someone and you choose to share the most intimate parts of you it becomes more than just indulging in the forbidden fruit but something that can change everything you have. The way you see that person is with more love and more adoration because you have opened yourself up to someone and they have seen and felt your vulnerabilities. When loving happens like that it cant just be frorbidden but beautiful. Moments like these dont just happen in fairy tales they happen when you choose to put your heart and body in one place. It's even better when bothg of you make that choice together.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Women on a rise

It's official women all over are making their mark and some are even the breadwinners in their families, professionals and educated. There is nothing stopping women of today from climbing the corporate ladder, making a success of themselves or even becoming Presidents. I am proud to live in a time were women can voice their opinions and express themselves fully. Some men will still have a woman who is beneath them than above him because of his status and ego. Real men however appreciate a woman whether she is ambitious and intelligent. There is no point having a bimbo woman on your side just because you are compensating for your lack thereof in terms of finances, intelligence and stability. Well some men have embraced it and others have not but hey it still aint stopping us go getter women.

Monday, 17 September 2012

His just not that into you


There has never been a more dull moment than the deep moments of when you on ecstasy and the high fades away. Life leads you down different paths each day and sometimes you do not expect to feel certain ways for people, but you know that is what love does, it captivatesyou and takes your whole heart hostage. You keep pushing for something but love doesnt grow within his heart. So you have to live with being content that it will never happen and you have to find it in your heart to move on. The light bulb moment is when you realise his the man you love who does not want you. You have to focus on something else to keep your mind of your addiction. Life does not always have a fairytale ending and they say it gets better with time but sometimes it doesn't, you just get better at hiding it.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Embracing the ass curve

                                                       Source: (
"A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles" -(Wesley Ruggles). Being Bootylicious is so hot right now thanks to Beyonce, Nickki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and JLo. Gone are the days when size 0 was everything. Being curvy and having meat also equates to sexy now and those in the entertainment industry are making it known to others. I love my body because it defines who I am. Like there is no reason to be ashamed that your ass is packing. I find pride in being bootylicious despite my small frame. It is a piece of my pride in being a woman plus it will always be a part of me and there is no point trying to hide. Plus the bonus point about my bonus feature is that the guys love it too. I choose to embrace the ass curve.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Smashing in Fashion

Spring is here and its time to let loose and express ourselves in our summer dresses, micro minis and short shorts. Make a statement with your style without saying a word. Feel like the red carpet follows you wherever you go and make the pavements your catwalk. To get the right attention one should note that bright eye make up is on trend,neon nail polish is a must have as a finishing touch to any outfit. High waist micro minis, the colorful pencil skirt aned crop tops have been making waves in South Africa at the moment. One should not forget that colour blocking is a huge hit so colour block everything from shoes, clothes and jewellary. Remember if you've got it flaunt it.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Sometimes I wonder how you can love someone nomatter how many times they hurt or disappoint you, love still prevails. The ache in your core makes you want to say yes to them all the time, you give in completely and you start doing things for them that will make them smile even if they never ask for it, you remember things that interest them that never mattered to you at all. That's when you realise that his the one for you whether he knows it or not. Rhianna recently admitted that Chris Brown is still the love of her life and this reminds me that one should never leave if they are still willing to try and that it takes a lifetime to forget someone. So if your heart is pointing you in that direction don't fight it because there is a reason why that person is in your life right now. Love whole heartedly.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Khanyi Mbau Revealed

                                                            It is what it is          

Khanyi Mbau was once one of the most photographed and talked about woman in Mzansi. She is back in the media again with her new biography “Bitch Please I’m Khanyi Mbau. Others have found this title too out there but I would like to think it is what it is. In this book she airs out her dirty laundry as she tries to clean up her image. Written by Lesley Mofokeng a journalist and under the guidance of Khanyi her scandals come to the fore and the lessons she has learnt are revealed to all. I had missed Khanyi Mbau’s antics so am glad the book is out so I can get a slice of the cake too. The Queen of Bling always knows how to make her mark and this book sure has stirred up a lot of controversy. She talks of her insecurities when she was Mandla’s wife, why the White wedding never happened and how he abused her during her pregnancy and after and her fears come out and the truth behind all the bling. This read is sure to teach readers something as well ‘what you see isn’t always what it seems’ and it sought of made me feel sorry for her.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Are you a shagger?

How often do you think about sex, let alone engage in it with a lover, friend, husband or wife? Some people are afraid to admit that they like it or even love sex, others enjoy doing it as often as possible but being labelled a shagger stops them from embracing who they trully are. I believe that if it's in you let it out because life is too short to keep quiet when you are bored and not getting what you want. If it means grabbing your partner and doing all the freaky shit you have in mind do it. Am sure your patner will thank you for it. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that both you and your patner are oepn to all things that enhance your sex life. Plus it's way better when you are into it than when you not. If you thought blondes had more fun you were wrong, shaggers have more, even multiple the fun and it has added benefits if you keep it safe and in a monogamous relationship.

Monday, 13 August 2012


 Once in a while a man comes along in yor life that makes you think about him all the time. You think of the moment his lips will touch yours and how he will hold your waist and put your naked body against his office table. The passion he ignites in you leaves you daydreaming about him and when it gets intense you might just come thinking about him or better yet take yourself to the bedroom and explore yourself. The guy who ignites a mantasy in you may just be a random fling or the guy you want to spend the rest of your life making passionate love or wild sex to. But at the end of the day if  you dare its important to make your mantasy a reality nomatter how freaky it is. Sex is not just about him anymore but your satisfaction is important too. So whatever rocks your boat enjoy.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Nobody's Perfect

My dear friends Blanca* and Coco* always have something to complain about when it comes to their looks. If it's not their hair, it has to be their zits, their weight and the list goeson. Blanca* wants Coco's* skin and vise versa. So even if we admire something about someone else, they may not be okay with the way they look as well. So why do we strive to be like others when each one of us will never be content with ourselves anyway? Fat people want to be skinny and skinny people wish they had a little more ass and curves, oily skinned people want normal skin and normal skinned people want oily skin.  So the only solution I have come up with is that even when you are not happy with the way you look, you just have to deal with what you got and maximize on your look were you can. Remember this always the hot girl next to you might just be dying to have your body, your eyes, your skin or your curves. We are beautiful in our own ways.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mzansi's Queen B

 Bonang Matheba is not stopping and she has managed to show that the sky is not the limit. She is one of the Top five sexiest woman for FHM, has a range of bags, writes for Glamour SA, voted Most stylish media personality, YFM Radio, cover girl, Live presenter and many more. Bonang has become a brand in her own right. She keeps as current as possible and sets the bar high for those trying to achieve what she has. Bonang has skyrocketed herself to new heights. With her tall, lean body, over the top voice that one can not ignore, killer dance moves and bubbly personality. Presenters aspire to be like her but there can only be oneb Bonang Matheba. At the end of it all she says that there is still more things she wants to achieve, now thats a girl after my own heart. Supporting her all the way.

Monday, 30 July 2012

When the abuser walks free

What happens to those who got raped or abused in other forms and kept it a secret? They get to see him laugh, joke, hang out with friends and even go partying with other girls. Should you not warn them about his new life without you and how he was then? Were we not created to give people second chances so that we can let go of our past hurts? The men in our lives we let go free, might not have been an easy decision to make but sometimes it is best decision when you are okay whether his behind or outside bars. The thought of seeing him makes your heart stop, the silly things he still says remind you that among the men his one of the boys and he will never change. So you feel sorry for him and not yourself because you have grown while he stays behind. The fact that you let him walk shows that regardless of fear you have the power because you held or still hold the key to whether he walks free or not. No man can control you unless you let him.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Privates of the Carribean

Ever wondered what it is like to be captured by a pirate (ala Johnny Depp) and have him take all of your innocence and you like it? Well It's just like when the man of your dreams takes your hand and makes passionate love to you and even when you wreathing in pleasure he keeps going on and on showing no signs of mercy. In a good way though. His penis is like nothing you have ever experienced before it takes you to wild and exotic places. You feel like you high on an island in Jamaica or somewhere in Ibiza where the party never stops. His privates are something moulded deep within the Carribean. You can search far and wide but there would never be a sight like it. When its time to eat the forbidden fruit you shall show all enthusiasm.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Killer heels

So when I finally got my David Tlale heels. My feet felt like they were in shoe heaven. The color, the print now who wouldn't want that. So on my next night  out I am going to rock my sexy heels because pumps are just not exciting enough for a night out. I get to wear my sexy outfit, killer heels and just have a good time. It's going to be a crazy night and my killer heels are going to make it happen for me. I have always ben one to rock sexy heels like Nine West, Plum and many others so who can resist David Tlale's designer charm. Just had to get them. Winter aint got nothing on me. I am taking it on one designer heel at a time.

The best sex happens in high heels

These will do the job
So once in a while every girl needs to spice up their relationship whether it means they have to juice it up with some sexy lingerie, no granny panties please! Do whatever you have to do to look and feel good about yourself and your man will appreciate it. End it off with your favourite sexy heels and he will be all over you plus it will do wonders to your relationship. So when he tries to take them off you just have to tell him the heels stay on. Its like those office quickies where there is  no time to take anything off  this moment will remind him of that and he will be so excited and very compliant the rest they say is history but be careful when you hit the Big O you dont hurt him with your heels.

Real men do not run away
Often we find ourselves wondering what type of men we need in our lives and who will be the best man to take home to meet the fam but it seems everywhere we look there are women who are left single because their man was not ready to commit or even worse becoming a single parent.Where have the real men gone and how do we seperate the boys from the men? I often wonder if we the women are to blame. Our hearts easily fall in love and is it wrong to love someone fully? Why do these men leave and who is to blame? I know sometimes us women are hard to put up with but when he decides to turn his back on his responsibilities even when he knows you have been making love to each other day in and out he still chooses to deny his baby the famous line "its not mine" rings a bell. So ladies instead of feeling sorry for yourself and blaming yourself realise that you do not need that brother anyway because real men do not run away.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Liberated woman or Slut?

               Beware the independent women  
Women love it when they are appreciated, shown love and care this however leads us to being open to being screwed and feeling used. This has led to the rise of the modern day independent women. They know what they want and go for it. So because she wakes up before you and tells you ''great sex but you have to leave now and no am not going to give you my number." Men gasp in awe and then call us sluts and bitches however men pull stunts like this all the time and we should not be treated differently. Pay back is a bitch but if you had done it right the first time we wouldn't feel the need to stand our own ground plus its not all about you. We are sensual beings and love sex just as much as u do so now that we are comfortable in our own skin and want to look sexy all because of ourselves and not to impress you it becomes a big deal. If we want to have many sexual conquests let us and when we want to settle we will. There is nothing wrong about being 30 and no ring nowadays. We channeling our sex kitten rolemodels from Sex in the City and if we want to have orgasms and yell we will. Call us sluts if you want but more and more independent women are joining the race and we cant all be sluts but if u still want to call us sluts anyway go ahead because we are sexy Biacthes and don't give a fuck.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Would you go anal?

                                                                 Anal gives me a headache         
So am not sure about the statistics because what turns people on is totally different but going anal for me just makes me want to squirm, it is like losing your virginity twice and it is so unnatural to me. From what I have read it increases your chances of a massive orgasm but would you really go anal? Do regular girls actually do that or just the girls in porn movies? Personally I feel like it is another form of domination from men but I think it makes men a tad bit gay. I know men just want to get it in but lets try getting it in the right hole plus is it extremely clean in there or is there a two day no shitting period to ensure nothing is left behind? The thought of it just grosses me out. Lets be real about  this anal sex is a no no for me plus why do something that increases the  chances of getting all types of infections and sexual diseases. I am all for positions in the Kama Sutra and all, but anal is weird. Would you or have you gone anal? Share your thoughts with me and we might just learn a thing or  two. At the end of it all, if you are that type of guy or girl and it rocks your boat go for it, just have some lubrication at hand because  I just have this funny feeling IT'S GONNA HURT! I am just staying.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Kim and Khanye
As a Journalism student you are forever finding ways to make stories interesting, creating stories, names and titles for people, couples and so on. So when the whole Kim and Khanye love stuff came out I looked at how to merge their names like Brangelina and the rest. I came up with  Khanyim and Kimanye only to read in my True Love mag months after having tried to come up with a name that they known as Kimye. I guess great minds think alike, the name merge was bound to happen and I think Im starting to think like the papparazzi hoping one day to work for True Love or Cosmoplitan. The question now is how long will Kim and Khanye last? And please no weddings too early.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Elections 2012

The US presidential elections are here will they finally find some dirt on Obama? Election time is here and its never an easy game after all and there is bound to be lots of dirty laundry being aired. Maybe Mr Conservative Rick Santroum is actually not so conservative and Mitt Romney will start a United State Sect of concubines after all he is Mormon and Newt Gingrich I have no words, chances are he will have an affair to celebrate each state win, cheeky fellar. With Ron Paul am yet to find anything I do not like he might just  be Obama's biggest challenge because am anti  US foreign policy like Mr Paul but Obama being black all I can say is yes we can. Now boys lets play fair now!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Shoenista Forever


So were has my flare gone. Why am I swapping my heels for my pumps? I have just realised that I do not really need heels to make me fab because I am without them. Pumps can be fab too and oh so comfortable. Even Beyonce is seen out regularly in flats so why attach so much to a heel. Besides shoenista's find the beauty in any type of shoe, whether it be heels, a wedge, pumps or sandals. The shoenista in me will never die heels or no heels plus I have heels higher than most people's standards.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Memories to cherish

Mel and Chichi

Besties always
So Saturday nyt turned out to be the best night ever. It was my bestfriends birthday and we enjoyed a night out in Fourways at an uber cool restaraunt called Rodizio. The vibe was upbeat and amazing. The couple next to me were gazing into each others eyes and holdin hands as they fed each other like in the movies. There where truly madly in love funny thing is I was happy for them theres nothing more beautiful than people who are not afraid to show their love. (Note to self marry a white guy or a coconut at least). Enjoying shooters of liquid cocaine, not forgetin a drink that shares my name Chi Chi (match made in alcoholic heaven). The food was amazing all u can eat meat (great for me cos am not one to eat salads and say am satisfied). The salsa dancers where on fire plus we got to dance to the macarena lol. The night ended well with a Flaming lamborgini that really had me going crazy. It doesnt hurt to get a little high u only live once after all. It was a night to remember and the memories are forever cherished. Hope I made her day special. Love u bestie. mwaah

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's official girls are stupid

It amazes me how stupid us girls are. When a guy walks up to you and tells you the most idiotic stuff or even insults you, you end up falling for him. To make things worse even when you know his no good for you, you stupid enough to believe he actually loves you. To top it off when he cheats we forgive him but we know if the tables were turned we would be dumped right on the spot. After waiting for hours for him to show up, he ditches you and you still stupid enough to call him and apologise for his mistakes. Girls are just plain stupid in my opinion, we fall for the same lines and worst of all guys know this and they use it to their advantage all the time. We put the E in easy. I have been reading the Man Diet by Zoe Strimpel so if we going to get rid of our stupidity I would advise everyone to read it. With rules like do not pursue, no facebook stalking, limiting booze intake which makes us fall deeper into these men's stupid lines plus no strings attached sex and many others. We all want to gain some self worth and be less stupid. so go on  you have everything to gain. (Brains perhaps).

Monday, 14 May 2012

Post orgasmic regrets and instant sex

So most of us have been there, lusting over someone and at times hoping that if you have sex it will turn into more. So he is the sweetest guy, handsome, the type you really want to take home but then we forget mum's advice that if we let him eat the cake easily he wont stick around. We shut that advice at the back of our heads and give it up for him. Only for you to wake up and his gone or he stops calling as much. Then you hear her voice again ' I told you so' or worse when his done despite the great sex you feel sad and alone instead of empowered. There is no simple way to say it ladies but lets start saying no to one night stands and no strings attached sex or instant sex.  You really do not want to be in the pit of post orgasmic regret now thats not a place I would want to be in. Take  a stand and respect yourself. If his worth it he will wait.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It's official men like to be teased
So foreplay is just not about the ladies after all. Guys may not always admit this but men love it when a woman drives him wild with want before he gets his cake. He will love you for it and it will leave him begging you for more. A friend of mine mentioned that "it also gives him hints about your sexuality and then he knows whether or not he wants more or not". Kisses here and there. Show some skin before actually getting naked. Plus once you tease him its a quick way to turn him on and heightens their need to pounce. My dear friend T had this to say, " Well as  for me its a two way thing. If I am really horny and have not screwed in a while I really just want to get it in and then after that if we can tease. But if I am not that thirsty I really want to take time to cuddle, kiss and yeah get teased."  All I can say is once you done teasing your man they will be a massive explosion.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Girl Crush


So every once in a while you develop a huge crush on a girl famous or not. The way she talks, walks, laughs, her body that was truly carved in heaven, her energy, her power to attract the right guys and friends that follow her every move and how she looks hot no matter the color of her hair.  Have u ever asked yourself who your girl crush is? Mine is Nicki Minaj  her ability to create a cult of barbs, to bounce lyrics off Wizzy and her constant transformations amaze me. She's not afraid to be different no matter what people say about her. She is just doing her and I love it including the pink lips and hair. Nicki I salute u. Just can't get enough of her. Crushing over Nicki damn Madonna why did you have to go kiss her.

Friday, 27 April 2012

For the love of soccer
A book on Christiano Ronaldo's life (what a hunk) written by Luca Caioli and titled Christiano Ronaldo the obsession for perfection. (His almost too perfect for us). Now finally we get to take him to tea with mum and the girls lol. The book focuses on his life from a poor child to soccer star with Sporting Lisbon, Man U and Real Madrid. A look at his parents (our future in laws) and how he slept with a ball in his arms as a child will be depicted (good thing  he swapped sleeping with the ball for super hot ladies and we can only hope he finds one of us girls in Africa to cuddle with.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

David Tlale goes Legit

Dope heels
 From the likes of Bonang Matheba, Minnie Dlamini, the Minnie Series. David Tlale follows suit by patnering with Legit for a new winter range that is set to bring trendy stylish clothes to the ordinary citizens of the country at an affordable price. Now this I would like to see and wear. Can't wait so watch out in stores  from May 2012. I know you want to. Sick Shopaholic

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The fear of losing out on a dream

It's difficult to have faith when everything seems to be falling apart. You wonder if the big guy up there can hear your prayers. You cling to the verse he shall supply all your need but you still feel like giving up. When you are so close but so far from achieving your dream. The harsh realisation that life is not your friend. You think of the moments that might be and how you will feel when you have finally crossed the finish line. So you get sick, you get depressed. You feel like sleeping all day and night then you realise why would you come so far or top survive all this time if your dream is not going to become reality. I kill my fear and remain strong. The dream is not dead yet.

Monday, 9 April 2012


So It seems my man fast continues. I am not looking for Mr right as I have already found him., its just becomes a bit difficult when you have a man but are still lonely. Its been three months since I have seen him and now am beginning to understand those sighs and statements that come with being in a long distance relationship. I really do feel like I am on a man fast and have to vent because I got to release the tension somehow if you know what I mean. How do you fit a hug or a kiss into a telephone call. Its just not the same and when he calls its not the same as him starring in my eyes as he holds my hand and tells me he loves me. But whats a girl to do?  Sit and wait patiently eating chocolate to curb the pangs of being on a man fast for, weeks, months. Oh gosh am turning into a nun!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Screw it, lets do it

Richard Branson's quick read Screw it, lets do it, is amazing to say the least plus it's easy to read. I finished reading it in the early hours of the morning as I could not put it down. It has enlightened me and for some reason I feel wiser as well and a little scared that anything is possible so I've learnt after reading this book. The different chapters are Just do it,Have fun, Be Bold, Challenge yourself, Stand on your own feet, Live the moment, Value family and friends, Have respect and do good. All these reflect on Richard Branson's life and here he is today living by the principles in each chapter. Life is not easy but it can be done and Richard has taught me that. Get yourself a copy it might change your life.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Embrace your sexuality

Becoming the object of your man's desire is simple. One should know that although a man wants a lady in the street and a woman to take home to meet his mum. He also wants a woman he can be excited to come home to. Get your sexy on and unleash your inner seductress, we all have one even if you deny it. A little naughty didnt hurt anyone it worked for Rihanna (good girl gone bad) so it can work for you.
When you first started to have sex you did not have to be amazing, you just had to be there but as time has moved on you clearly have to make a statement if you want to bag the guy. Know who you are and what you want and all your sexisness will shine. Plus instead of trying to be perfect just let go. It is common news that men love women who are not trying too hard, just be yourself and that is hot enough. Plus if he can see you enjoying it he will too so let those sounds out (never fake it).

Monday, 19 March 2012

Multitasking beauty products (BB creams)

I am loving being alive in 2012. We have come a long way from using vaseline for everything to having different beauty products women in the sixties could only dream of. Multitasking beauty products are so hot right now and a big hit with every beauty lover. One bottle that serves  two to three purposes all in one, who wouldn't want that plus our men do not have to complain that we hogging the bathroom cabinet. We get to save and still look gorg. Try Neutrogena wash and mask, House of Gallia anti blemish cream with SPF 15 and Black Opal Daily Fade Cream with SPF 15 with Bio Affinity Skin Complex plus its got hints of caramel. Look around am sure you will find more.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Rocking the print
Hi my name is ChiChi and I am an animal print addict. If only there was a group meeting like that FAA (fashion addicts annonymous). When it comes to fashion I have never been one to follow the trends that just pop up despite my love for clothes and all things fashion. I remember some years back when everyone was wearing those JLO and Baby Phat tracksuites. Every street corner was screaming tracksuites so I decided not to follow suite. Why would I want to look like every other woman on the street. I am after all my own kind of woman. However it is true what they say never say never. I have fallen for a trend real hard. Animal print this and animal print that. There is never a bad animalprint. Over the months I have collected enough the animal print garb to last me over two weeks. I could wear something different for a fortnight and it will still be animal print and I aint stopping shopping there. However the good thing about animal print is that not everyone can pull it off and even though it is everywhere I am still my own woman when  I rock this trend.  I do not know why but I feel wild and fierce GRRRR I got my claws out. Go get yourselves something nice preferably print.
Til next time I'm forever loving animal print.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Magazine of the month

Cosmopolitan's March issue is a must read it will make you laugh, cry and all kind of emotions.  1000 guys surveyed and a 16 page guy guide. All you need to know on what makes a girl dateable, shaggable, to his turns off and on. Some responses from the guys were outrageous, funny and not as obvious as you would expect as well as down right offensive. However it is still a must read who wouldn't want to know plus you get to see some eye candy and funny articles on sex injuries. Yes they do happen. Plus you can learn  to talk dirrty. Come on now its just a few words and guys dig that plus he might dig you more and want to keep you forever. Now this is the mag to read plus you get to read about Dakota Fanning all grown up.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Does the way you dress define who you are??? Does it really?

I have often been judged for the way I have dressed and still do at times. I remember being in primary school and all the girls would oh and ahh plus say things like "how could she wear that?" They always assumed I did it to get the boys attention but to be honest I did it for me. It made me feel good and contributed to the confidence I have now. I can pull off any outfit nomatter how revealing. I have always been confident in my own skin and back then I didn't even have boobs but the girls still had to hate. This carried on all the way into high school and I still didn't care because I felt good about me and if they did not like it well I did not like them either. It just goes to show how messed up people with their own insecurities are. I remember them being all bitchy saying things like " she won't make it in that outfit someone is going to make her pregnant." But look at where I am now. I am a third year varsity student whose getting ready to take on the real world. People need to realise it is not always what you see is what you get. Most of those girls I learnt with and said hurtful things are the ones that ended up pregnant. So much for wearing a long skirt ha! Don't get me wrong though I am not saying I am better than them but all I am saying is am a good example of does the way you dress define who you are? It sure as hell does not and am still gonna rock my daisy duke shorts and micro minis and find my way to graduation.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" -Marilyn Monroe

Last Friday night was awesome. Got the best although late valentines present. Really high and sexy shoes. Oh so me. I felt like Cinderella wearing those glass slipper shoes for the first time. It was an ecstatic feeling and unlike Cinderella I got to keep the shoes at the end of the night and I already had my Prince Charming before the night began. Marilyn was right I conquered the dance floor that night and felt on top of the world. These nothing more wonderful than getting the shoe you want in the right color and the right size. Plus my feet did not hurt at the end of the night. I was right about finding a guy who has got good taste in shoes he will buy you good shoes too. Call me arrogant but you can quote me on that.
 Love to love shoes.

Negatives to Positives

Choosing to use your bad habits as a way to further your career or make other people's lives better is not for the faint hearted but it can be done. The best advice usually comes from those who have experienced the same thing and come out from those situations. This is why we usually take advice from our mums, dads, grandparents or mentors. Trust me when I say they have been through it all. Besides them others have gone through issues as well in all shapes and sizes. This is why people living with HIV choose to live positive lives and others have even become spokespersons, health advisors and more. Their key was choosing to turn their negatives into positives. It is great comfort to get advice from someone who has actually experienced the disease than someone whose an expert on the disease. Shopaholics should also take note by finding ways to save more, shop less but still shop. This will eventually help others with the same problem because the reformed shop aholic can give tips on where to bargain shop and so on. If you over work, one can find a way to balance their time and perhaps write a book about or an informative article on it. In my opinion people should just make their bad habits work for them. You never know what you might just get.

Friday, 24 February 2012


I have always been a fan of shoes, high heels, platforms, wedges, you name it. They give me this feeling of sexiness, confidence and this uber cool feel that I can conquer the world. My earliest memory of stilletos was when I was in preschool. I would put on my mothers shoes and pretend I was her. Graceful, beautiful and oh so fabulous. I was so glad to receive my first pair when I was in grade five. The attention I got was amazing. I was a natural and never needed to learn to walk with them. My feet were made for heels. Not forgeting I bagged my first crush in them (blushing) and forgetting the pain in my toes. I have worn them since then swapping them, for flats once in a while but never feeling right. Were was I oh my crush. Since then I have believed that If you wear heels anyone can fall in love with you and more so yourself. My love for shoes lives on till today as a young adult with more exposure to Steve Madden shoes and Nine West boots (oh yah I got them). I just love them. Men's shoes are important to me too because when I guy walks up to me I look at his shoes first. Not that his eyes, bod and personality do not matter but the shoes say a lot. It means that if he wears a good pair of shoes he will buy me good shoes too. Now who doesn't want that.
Till next time
Forever loving shoes.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Goodbye Cleo

Cleo South Africa has made all my fashion dreams come true from the classrooms, pavement (ala catwalk), romantic dates to night outs with the girls. So I was completely shattered to find out that the February issue was the last one. Instead of Cleo making Valentine month special it totally broke my heart. This post is a tribute to Cleo. Cleo has kept me from gettingy arressted by the fashion police at the same time teaching me that its good to take risks sometimes. I have managed to get high fives for looking good and comments on where I got those uber cool shoes. (All thanks to Cleo's bargain buys). From the sealed section that has indulged my oh so dirty mind snd given me most of my fun ideas that have kept the fire burning in my relationship.. Cleo has always been my answer and recipe magazine for all things a Cleo Glamour girl needs to know to get ahead. I started reading Cleo when it first came out almost 5 years ago. Gosh I am a true magazine monger but I have been a proud die hard fan for so long and will cherish all the copies I have bought since then (yes I still have them). I will really miss looking out for it in the stores but you always will be an amazing part of my life. Missing Cleo already.

Siyanora Cleo. mwaah