Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lessons learnt from Khanyi

I recently read Bitch Please I'm Khanyi Mbau and if I have to be honest I quite enjoyed it. I may be a little biased because I admire her guts but the book was really a page turner. Khanyi deserves a round of applause because she isn't trying to justify herself and she tells it like it is. She's someone who likes the finer things and did what she wanted to get it. It might not have been the right way to do it but she knew what she was getting into so who are we too judge her? Some of her lines about the ordinary folk were shocking but she probably just had the guts to say what other people think of but don't say it out like that. Khanyi's story also revealed her vulnerable side and I kind of feel bad for her after all she's only human. I'm surprised at how much I can relate to her and I'm sure we not the only two people in the world to make mistakes or get hurt. Her lessons on love and relationships spoke volumes to me and I really understood her and I'm sure other girls can too.

My favourite quotes include - "It's not my fault your poor. Just write the ticket."
                                           "It's always the people we let in that destroy us."
                                            "You lose yourself when he breaks your heart. The love goes away. You wait  
                                              with baited breath to get him out of your system so you can live again."
                                            "It's up to me to make sure that the next person I get naked with is someone
                                             fully mine. Someone who is one flesh with me so that if they harm me, they
                                             only harm themselves."

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