Monday, 25 June 2012

Would you go anal?

                                                                 Anal gives me a headache         
So am not sure about the statistics because what turns people on is totally different but going anal for me just makes me want to squirm, it is like losing your virginity twice and it is so unnatural to me. From what I have read it increases your chances of a massive orgasm but would you really go anal? Do regular girls actually do that or just the girls in porn movies? Personally I feel like it is another form of domination from men but I think it makes men a tad bit gay. I know men just want to get it in but lets try getting it in the right hole plus is it extremely clean in there or is there a two day no shitting period to ensure nothing is left behind? The thought of it just grosses me out. Lets be real about  this anal sex is a no no for me plus why do something that increases the  chances of getting all types of infections and sexual diseases. I am all for positions in the Kama Sutra and all, but anal is weird. Would you or have you gone anal? Share your thoughts with me and we might just learn a thing or  two. At the end of it all, if you are that type of guy or girl and it rocks your boat go for it, just have some lubrication at hand because  I just have this funny feeling IT'S GONNA HURT! I am just staying.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Kim and Khanye
As a Journalism student you are forever finding ways to make stories interesting, creating stories, names and titles for people, couples and so on. So when the whole Kim and Khanye love stuff came out I looked at how to merge their names like Brangelina and the rest. I came up with  Khanyim and Kimanye only to read in my True Love mag months after having tried to come up with a name that they known as Kimye. I guess great minds think alike, the name merge was bound to happen and I think Im starting to think like the papparazzi hoping one day to work for True Love or Cosmoplitan. The question now is how long will Kim and Khanye last? And please no weddings too early.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Elections 2012

The US presidential elections are here will they finally find some dirt on Obama? Election time is here and its never an easy game after all and there is bound to be lots of dirty laundry being aired. Maybe Mr Conservative Rick Santroum is actually not so conservative and Mitt Romney will start a United State Sect of concubines after all he is Mormon and Newt Gingrich I have no words, chances are he will have an affair to celebrate each state win, cheeky fellar. With Ron Paul am yet to find anything I do not like he might just  be Obama's biggest challenge because am anti  US foreign policy like Mr Paul but Obama being black all I can say is yes we can. Now boys lets play fair now!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Shoenista Forever


So were has my flare gone. Why am I swapping my heels for my pumps? I have just realised that I do not really need heels to make me fab because I am without them. Pumps can be fab too and oh so comfortable. Even Beyonce is seen out regularly in flats so why attach so much to a heel. Besides shoenista's find the beauty in any type of shoe, whether it be heels, a wedge, pumps or sandals. The shoenista in me will never die heels or no heels plus I have heels higher than most people's standards.