Saturday, 27 April 2013

So long my love

There are many things in life
That warm our hearts
But some things are more powerful than others
People  like you who come into our
lives like shooting stars
For that moment you're left
So now that I am going my own way
I will remember the way you touched
my heart
And I won't forget the star that you are
That took my heart
It's crazy how when we just getting to
know each other
And now it's time to part
So long my love
I will miss you while I'm gone
Til we meet again
Remember someone somewhere
Is thinking about you
Hope you think about me too

Monday, 22 April 2013

Just the look in your eyes

One moment
Is all it took
To see what lied
Deep inside your eyes
Your life was full of new and amazing things
A feeling I’ve never felt before
You showed me your treasure
Said it could be mine if I liked
It didn’t take long for me to realize
That it was were the truth lies
Passion builds
As fire burns
Your heart and love
So sweet
I surrender to your needs
It didn’t take long to make up your mind
When I gave into your needs
It felt so right
It couldn’t be wrong
Before long you could be gone
The truth
And the love has always been there
I always feel like I couldn’t see
But now I know
Your love
Is real
It’s all I see when I look
Into your eyes

Unrequited love


A complicated ball of frustration
Toes curled
Fists clenched
And strong heart palpitations
Wanting to throw those frustrations
In someone’s face
Making them more their own than yours
Heart pounding
Thrill seeking
Mind boggling
A complicated set of balls of
Fever rising
Head aching
Love and all its confusion
Too many things                                                    
Can describe the feeling
Of unrequited love

Didn't know what love was

I never knew that I did not know it
Till one day when your eyes met mine
Just one gaze and you wanted to kiss me
Secretly blushing inside
Sometimes in the corridor
You’d pass me by
And I could not help but feel a rush
Adrenaline playing its toll on me
Not knowing cupid’s arrow
Had hit me straight through the heart
The look in your eyes
Showed me you wanted me
The beat in my heart
That could last and last
Showed me I needed you
With loves true kiss
And amazed hearts
Through the corridors of love
You told me it could be done
I dared you and said it wouldn’t
But who knew love
Would spur you on
And the love would be sealed
By just one kiss
A different taste
Made it known
There is a difference
When it came to knowing
It was love

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Drunk Angry Poetry

Hungover but one of the most famous cartoon characters
The things we do when we are drunk
Leaves us with questions that
remain unanswered
It starts out as just screwing around
And having a good time then it
Blows up in your face
So what if I am loud
And a little outspoken for the
Ordinary folk
Do I have to explain my every
move to you?
Sometimes I don’t remember
What I did and said
But it’s something you have
to brush off
Stop acting like you’ve never
been drunk before
And done some stupid things
You judging me before you judge yourself
Going around saying
things about me because
you’ve nothing else better to do
Some stars are on the rise
No matter what you say
And hell yeah I will pop champagne
When I get there
You aint seen the last of me
I’ll give you more things to talk about
If I told you to fuck off
I will tell you again
FU and your whole existence
I will continue to do me
 To have fun and say what I want when I want
Because I get what I want
And I aint stopping for nobody
Especially you
A broke ass nigga
Who borrows someone else’s shoes
Screw you

Sweet Poetry

(Source: tumblr)

I love you, I love you more
I love you today and tomorrow
I love you always
In all ways
And forever
I love you in the night
The day and when you say it right
I love you every second and every minute
Love you now and forever
Till death do us part
PS. I love you

PS. You will always be my Romeo


There are a lot of things that go through my mind each and every day but one thing that dominates the rest is that you are thought of the most. It’s always been hard to deny how I feel about you and ignore all the feelings you arouse in a young woman like me.

I am very grateful that you are a part of my life and that I get to share my dreams and promises with you which makes me feel truly blessed. There is no other man that does it for me like you do, no one else whose love is so great. I hope to continue sharing our lives together and helping each other become better people in life.

With you I feel safe and guarded and nothing melts my heart other than being in your arms. If I could feel your embrace and kiss your lips everyday I’m sure I will die a happy woman. It’s wonderful that we have come so far and that I still love you more each day. I thank you for growing in love with me and being there for me when I need you most.

I will always be yours my sweet love…… You took my heart away and now it’s all yours….

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A love letter to me


Once in a while everyone should write a love letter to themselves. I want to share mine with you. 
I’d like to take a minute to give thanks to me. I deserve sticky toffee pudding, a designer shoe and the I am myself Award, because I truly rock. Remember earlier this year, when I did give all my heart to my friends even when I felt low and found out I am graduating. Not to mention the fact that I frequently help those who need my help in school without resentment. Someone with my intelligence, bombshell attitude and honesty should be feted with champagne. So this April, I vow to take at least a few hours for me. I’ll dance and give Gugu and Melody a call, because we have the most interesting conversations. I may even wear my sexy leather dress and refer to myself as Queen B all afternoon. Starting now, I’ll remember to acknowledge that I deserve time for reading magazines and space for a day at the beauty spa. In short, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of myself, today on Myself Day and every other day.
Inspired by Glamour Magazine South Africa

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I should have said goodbye

I should have said goodbye to you
Those many nights ago
When you shut the door
A closed door
That neither one of us can open anymore
As I lay here
And hold on to the memories
The last memories of you and me
And how it used to be
I realise its still there
That pain
That engulfs me
And releases a flood of tears
Who am I?
Who is this girl
that I have become?
Can you still hear me
Calling out for you not to go?
How can you be so cruel
To say you loved me
When you always knew you would shut the door?
Who am I?
Am I still the girl?
The one girl who loved with all her heart
Or am I just a broken reflection
Of the girl who once held your hand
It can't possibly be true that
you're not here anymore
Whats the point of being whole when
you're other half is gone?
Why am I still crying
over someone who God rejected for me?
As I hold onto the shadows
And hold onto my pillow tight
Remembering your embrace
Don't feel sorry for me
I wont allow it
I ask myself again
Who am I?
I'm just a broken hearted girl

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I thought you were my friend


I thought you were my friend
True friends stand up for you
And don't just up and leave
Because someone said something
About me even if its true
How do you walk out on your
lifetime friendship just because
of one scandal?
I always had your back
Even when yo were on some stupid shit
But now the tables have turned
And the blame is all on me
You walk out on me
When I need you the most
I thought you were my friend
My best friend
But I guess I'm wrong
All good things can't last forever
But I believed in you even when
everybody else was laughing
behind your back
I stayed true to you and this is 
how you repay me
Now I know who
You truly are
And nothing will ever
be the same
For someone whose known me
My whole life
It just took a minute to
throw it all away
I bid you goodbye my friend
Guess it's no longer riding till we die
I thought you were my friend
But I guess I thought wrong

Monday, 8 April 2013

It was never just a feeling/ Loving you became my whole being

I really wonder why its so hard for me
To get rid of the memories of you?
Why even when I try it's so hard to let go?
And how I am left inspired to write
About the deepest pains within my heart
I truly miss you I really do
And sometimes I wish
I could rewind time
And be stuck in the moment
Those moments of you and I
That I just can't let go
Those moments you lay next to me
And all I could think of was this is
The man for me
And now I sit down and think and wonder
When you looking at the moon and stars
Or when you're all alone in your bed
Do you ever think of me and
Do you miss me as much as I miss you?
It was never just a feeling
Loving you became my whole being
And there was no me without you
I've been thinking maybe if I just call you
And you'd hear my voice and
Maybe just maybe
You'd remember the days I used to
Call and you wouldn't  want to
get off the phone
Why is it I love you so much
Even when you're long gone?
I can't forget the feelings
These warm hearted feelings
That have left me in pieces
As I miss your kisses
I can only hope when you look at the moon and stars
And lay down alone in bed
You think of me
Like I think of you

By Chiedza Mebe