Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Are you a shagger?

How often do you think about sex, let alone engage in it with a lover, friend, husband or wife? Some people are afraid to admit that they like it or even love sex, others enjoy doing it as often as possible but being labelled a shagger stops them from embracing who they trully are. I believe that if it's in you let it out because life is too short to keep quiet when you are bored and not getting what you want. If it means grabbing your partner and doing all the freaky shit you have in mind do it. Am sure your patner will thank you for it. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that both you and your patner are oepn to all things that enhance your sex life. Plus it's way better when you are into it than when you not. If you thought blondes had more fun you were wrong, shaggers have more, even multiple the fun and it has added benefits if you keep it safe and in a monogamous relationship.

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