Friday, 30 August 2013

He has a defect & that defect is me

He has a defect
And that defect is me
He is my lover
And I am his
He knows every part of me
And I am on a journey to discover his
How to give him ultimate pleasure?
He has a defect
And that defect is me
I am trying not to distract him
But instruct him
To find wha'ts below my navel
It is a defect
That allows him in
That will lead him into a sweet confession
I shall be your possession
And you shall
Take over my body
He has a defect
And that defect is me
He might have me on my knees
But he needs me
To open him up
Into an explosion

Friday, 23 August 2013

There's a thin line between love & hate


There’s a thin line between love and hate
One day you mean so much to a person
And the next day you’re dead and gone
And they don’t need you like they used to
I loved you and I wanted to give you my everything
But you spat it all back in my face
We held hands and kissed oh so passionately
Now I can’t stand the smile on your face
And then you turn around and blame me
For your mistake
There’s a thin line between love and hate
Love can make you cling to the very thing you hate
I know if I stay I might kill you
Because you ignite a rage in me
That turns into an obsession
That makes even the cracking sound
That will occur when I break your neck
Give me so much pleasure
There’s a thin line between love and hate
 I kissed your lips before
And gave you my sweet persuasion
 But now I’ve crossed over
 And I can’t stand your hands all over me
There’s a thin line between love and hate
And I know now
That I’ve crossed over
To hate

We are no longer human beings but you can change that


What have we done for our societies or our country? What differences have we made? Is there more that can be done and how can we come together, to make a change? In a world full of injustices, murder, backstabbing, rapes and in a world were more people have become more selfish, its saddening to know what we have become and what’s happening in the world around us. Do we really care about each other anymore? I think it’s fair to say that God must flood us all and cleanse us from what’s inside us.

We are no longer human beings, we have failed God and of course there are still a few good people left in this world but there are a whole lot of bad people too. How does global change begin? It begins with each and every one of us and it takes a strong people to acknowledge their wrongs and admit enough is enough.

We cannot sit down and let this beautiful world go to waste, we cannot sit down when innocent people are being shot in front of us and girls are still being raped and being reduced to nothing. I am somebody, I am worth something, I know what I stand for, do you?

Let’s be our own politicians, our own future leaders. No one should be allowed to control us into fear. We should not cower when we want to make a positive difference even if it’s being a leader at only 22. Nothing is impossible. Let’s dream big, think big and act big. We have yet to realise our own potential. I’m going out there to make my own difference and I hope you join me on this journey and start to make your own difference too.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Don't Jump


I’ve been waiting for someone
To tell me
I’m not alone
And stop me from jumping
Don’t jump
He’ll say
Hold my hand instead
Take a step back
And stay with me instead
Well sometimes I don’t want to
Step back
I want to let go of the rail
And not feel anymore
But he’ll hold onto me
And tell me
Don’t jump
But that’s what lovers are for
They hold on
Even when you don’t want to
And when you want to jump
They lean forward
And grab you
Before you fall
And he’ll say
Don’t jump
I love you
Stay with me instead

Saturday, 17 August 2013

I am the Beauty and he is the Beast/His Ugly but makes beautiful love


I have never met a soul
So lovely and beautiful
Who wants to take care of my needs
And share even the little he has
When he holds my hand
He holds it like he would his future bride
So honest and so loving
I am the beauty
And he is the beast
His ugly but he makes beautiful love
He is imperfectly created
To touch the depths of my heart
How can someone so ugly make beautiful love?
He told me he would make me his bride
I am like a precious jewel
In his eyes
He doesn't see what everyone else sees
With him I come first
What can we teach each other?
I am the beauty
And he is the beast
I see the scars on his face
And I also see the love in his heart
Will he be the one to tame my wild heart?
The day I become his bride
The bride of a beast
Will I forever be entwined
To a beautiful love
And a face so ugly?
I am the beauty
And he is the beast
That has captured
My wild beating heart

Its okay to cry a little

Its okay to cry a little
Sometimes its best to let it all out
When you feel like giving up
And when you have lost something
Or you're not where you thought you would be right now
You're not alone
So I'm telling you
Its okay to cry a little
Let it all out
And take some time out
Sometimes to be strong
You have to get on your knees
Scream if you want
And let it all out
Its okay to cry a little
You're not alone
I will cry with you
Hold your hand
And tell your friend
I'm there for you
And its okay to cry a little
So you can let it all go
Leave the past behind
And move on
But right now
If you want to cry
Because its okay to cry a little

How Do We Know His The One

Some people say they knew it from day one, others say it took a little longer to realize they had met their soul mate and for some it just seems like the one doesn't exist at all. But personally I feel that no matter what anyone thinks you just know and sometimes we try so hard to fight the feeling because his not exactly what you expected him to be. At the end of the day however if he wants all of you and not half of you, if he would wife you and commit totally to you, then guaranteed he is the one for you. When a man is willing to let down his guard and put aside his ego for you and tell you how he feels even in front of his still not so settled friends, no matter if this makes him look less of a man and he still keeps at you best recognize. Consider yourself lucky and hold on for dear life, good men are hard to come by. There's still a lot more things that can make someone the One so at the end of the day depending on what makes you happy like I said earlier, you just know.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The reason why men make me angry


Do you men really know what you want? Like seriously, I’m tired of the games and the pretence. Why can’t everyone be honest with each other? If you’re not out to be serious with us just fucking say so. Don’t make me fall head over heels in love with you and make me make an effort for you, if all you want to do is play the field. I wouldn’t be writing this if some guys hadn’t just said it in the beginning. And men if you do get caught spare us the drama and the “it’s not what it looks like” and just admit it, instead of trying to avoid the issue and also putting us on a guilt trip. If it’s nothing serious and you just want a fling don’t get our hopes up. It’s wrong, cruel and downright annoying. Lying to us, leading us on and actually making us your girlfriend for now is just messed up. Who knows maybe if you told the girl the truth in the first place she might just be looking for that as well. Now you have us getting all dolled up, giggling with our friends about how amazing you are and the inappropriate thoughts we have about you and all for what? Then I flipping have to catch you on the sly. Some of us are too grown and pissed off enough about some other guy who was before you to still continue playing these games. Don’t hate us when we start acting like cold hearted bitches because it’s guys like you who want to fuck with us and waste our time that make us this way. Can’t we all just grow up and be honest with each other. 

Bitch Nigga


How many times can I say I hate you right now?
Because I really do
My heart is ablaze with anger towards you
The blood in my veins
Flows into a fierce rage
I can’t do this with you
Not you
You can’t go around screwing people over
And not get a fuck you in return
Who do you think you are?
Because you’re definitely not God’s gift to women
Look at you
I pity you
And the air you breathe
You might as well die
Because I can’t stand your sorry self any longer
You piece of shit
The world could be better off
Without you
And your pathetic lies
You make me sick
I can spit twice in your face
You disgust me
That’s why I can’t do this with you
Not you

Bitch Nigga

New Love

There’s something about new love
That makes you smile
And this one is for you
You make me smile
And feel appreciated
I want to thank you
For that first call
And the ones that followed
And for coming back when you said you would
I’m proud to call you
My man
Being your girl has opened my eyes
To something I’ve been missing for so long
When you look into my eyes
And tell me I look beautiful
You can’t help but fall in love
It’s those moments
I never want to say goodbye to you
It may be new love
But nothing can compare to
Your arms around me
And when I have to get on my tippy toes
To kiss you
You have me
In the palm of your hands
This new love
That I can’t deny
Has me saying
I am all yours
And you are
My baby