Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Thursday, 4 September 2014


I remember way back when I'd dance on table tops
And people would get into a frenzy
My friends loved it
I loved it
We were just having fun
Taking down that liquor straight
Shots till you passed out
Beating on hoes and guys
That crossed me
I was young
I worked too hard
Been through too much
And lost it a few times
Just to let loose
I remember way back when
All that shit never mattered
But all it does is haunt me
You all know my story
The version you heard
From a friend
Another friend and a friends friend
Have you ever stopped to ask
Baby girl what's wrong?
Why won't you calm the fuck down?
Cause I'm high
High enough to numb the pain
I wish I could tell you all that I have been through
But I'm not that girl
Whose gonna use that lame excuse
I did that shit so I have to own up to thy shit
But I can tell you who I am
I am the girl who overcame
Who recognized that it was time for a change
That it was up to me to graduate
To prove to them all that I am MORE
I am capable
I am alive
Making a difference
And choosing to go forth
And take a hold of my dreams
So if you want to hold onto my past
Go ahead
If you still want to talk about  it
Go ahead
That's not going to stop me from rising
And that's not going to hold me back
I see through you
And your bullshit smiles
I see the envy in your eyes
I see you wish you could be half the person I am
It's a damn shame
If  you could just stop all this talking
About me behind my back
Maybe you could achieve half of what I have
You busy lying on your back to pay bills
You want a big bank account
Flossing around like you worked for it
What I do is legit
So I may not be rocking Tom Ford
And driving around the northern suburbs like I own the world
But at least I can testify
That when I take my mama out
It's not dirty money
My money is clean
She says, "Baby girl you make me so proud"
I may be judging you
And shitting on you like a ton of bricks
Just don't let your friends cheer you on
Those hoes want you dead
I wish you the best I really do
And I hope one day you recognize
It"s time for a change
And be the girl who overcame