Monday, 26 March 2012

Embrace your sexuality

Becoming the object of your man's desire is simple. One should know that although a man wants a lady in the street and a woman to take home to meet his mum. He also wants a woman he can be excited to come home to. Get your sexy on and unleash your inner seductress, we all have one even if you deny it. A little naughty didnt hurt anyone it worked for Rihanna (good girl gone bad) so it can work for you.
When you first started to have sex you did not have to be amazing, you just had to be there but as time has moved on you clearly have to make a statement if you want to bag the guy. Know who you are and what you want and all your sexisness will shine. Plus instead of trying to be perfect just let go. It is common news that men love women who are not trying too hard, just be yourself and that is hot enough. Plus if he can see you enjoying it he will too so let those sounds out (never fake it).

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