Monday, 14 May 2012

Post orgasmic regrets and instant sex

So most of us have been there, lusting over someone and at times hoping that if you have sex it will turn into more. So he is the sweetest guy, handsome, the type you really want to take home but then we forget mum's advice that if we let him eat the cake easily he wont stick around. We shut that advice at the back of our heads and give it up for him. Only for you to wake up and his gone or he stops calling as much. Then you hear her voice again ' I told you so' or worse when his done despite the great sex you feel sad and alone instead of empowered. There is no simple way to say it ladies but lets start saying no to one night stands and no strings attached sex or instant sex.  You really do not want to be in the pit of post orgasmic regret now thats not a place I would want to be in. Take  a stand and respect yourself. If his worth it he will wait.

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  1. Hey girl! one night stand is a take away meal you seldom cook at home. Imagine the taste and how much you enjoyed it, huh.