Monday, 26 March 2012

Embrace your sexuality

Becoming the object of your man's desire is simple. One should know that although a man wants a lady in the street and a woman to take home to meet his mum. He also wants a woman he can be excited to come home to. Get your sexy on and unleash your inner seductress, we all have one even if you deny it. A little naughty didnt hurt anyone it worked for Rihanna (good girl gone bad) so it can work for you.
When you first started to have sex you did not have to be amazing, you just had to be there but as time has moved on you clearly have to make a statement if you want to bag the guy. Know who you are and what you want and all your sexisness will shine. Plus instead of trying to be perfect just let go. It is common news that men love women who are not trying too hard, just be yourself and that is hot enough. Plus if he can see you enjoying it he will too so let those sounds out (never fake it).

Monday, 19 March 2012

Multitasking beauty products (BB creams)

I am loving being alive in 2012. We have come a long way from using vaseline for everything to having different beauty products women in the sixties could only dream of. Multitasking beauty products are so hot right now and a big hit with every beauty lover. One bottle that serves  two to three purposes all in one, who wouldn't want that plus our men do not have to complain that we hogging the bathroom cabinet. We get to save and still look gorg. Try Neutrogena wash and mask, House of Gallia anti blemish cream with SPF 15 and Black Opal Daily Fade Cream with SPF 15 with Bio Affinity Skin Complex plus its got hints of caramel. Look around am sure you will find more.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Rocking the print
Hi my name is ChiChi and I am an animal print addict. If only there was a group meeting like that FAA (fashion addicts annonymous). When it comes to fashion I have never been one to follow the trends that just pop up despite my love for clothes and all things fashion. I remember some years back when everyone was wearing those JLO and Baby Phat tracksuites. Every street corner was screaming tracksuites so I decided not to follow suite. Why would I want to look like every other woman on the street. I am after all my own kind of woman. However it is true what they say never say never. I have fallen for a trend real hard. Animal print this and animal print that. There is never a bad animalprint. Over the months I have collected enough the animal print garb to last me over two weeks. I could wear something different for a fortnight and it will still be animal print and I aint stopping shopping there. However the good thing about animal print is that not everyone can pull it off and even though it is everywhere I am still my own woman when  I rock this trend.  I do not know why but I feel wild and fierce GRRRR I got my claws out. Go get yourselves something nice preferably print.
Til next time I'm forever loving animal print.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Magazine of the month

Cosmopolitan's March issue is a must read it will make you laugh, cry and all kind of emotions.  1000 guys surveyed and a 16 page guy guide. All you need to know on what makes a girl dateable, shaggable, to his turns off and on. Some responses from the guys were outrageous, funny and not as obvious as you would expect as well as down right offensive. However it is still a must read who wouldn't want to know plus you get to see some eye candy and funny articles on sex injuries. Yes they do happen. Plus you can learn  to talk dirrty. Come on now its just a few words and guys dig that plus he might dig you more and want to keep you forever. Now this is the mag to read plus you get to read about Dakota Fanning all grown up.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Does the way you dress define who you are??? Does it really?

I have often been judged for the way I have dressed and still do at times. I remember being in primary school and all the girls would oh and ahh plus say things like "how could she wear that?" They always assumed I did it to get the boys attention but to be honest I did it for me. It made me feel good and contributed to the confidence I have now. I can pull off any outfit nomatter how revealing. I have always been confident in my own skin and back then I didn't even have boobs but the girls still had to hate. This carried on all the way into high school and I still didn't care because I felt good about me and if they did not like it well I did not like them either. It just goes to show how messed up people with their own insecurities are. I remember them being all bitchy saying things like " she won't make it in that outfit someone is going to make her pregnant." But look at where I am now. I am a third year varsity student whose getting ready to take on the real world. People need to realise it is not always what you see is what you get. Most of those girls I learnt with and said hurtful things are the ones that ended up pregnant. So much for wearing a long skirt ha! Don't get me wrong though I am not saying I am better than them but all I am saying is am a good example of does the way you dress define who you are? It sure as hell does not and am still gonna rock my daisy duke shorts and micro minis and find my way to graduation.