Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" -Marilyn Monroe

Last Friday night was awesome. Got the best although late valentines present. Really high and sexy shoes. Oh so me. I felt like Cinderella wearing those glass slipper shoes for the first time. It was an ecstatic feeling and unlike Cinderella I got to keep the shoes at the end of the night and I already had my Prince Charming before the night began. Marilyn was right I conquered the dance floor that night and felt on top of the world. These nothing more wonderful than getting the shoe you want in the right color and the right size. Plus my feet did not hurt at the end of the night. I was right about finding a guy who has got good taste in shoes he will buy you good shoes too. Call me arrogant but you can quote me on that.
 Love to love shoes.

Negatives to Positives

Choosing to use your bad habits as a way to further your career or make other people's lives better is not for the faint hearted but it can be done. The best advice usually comes from those who have experienced the same thing and come out from those situations. This is why we usually take advice from our mums, dads, grandparents or mentors. Trust me when I say they have been through it all. Besides them others have gone through issues as well in all shapes and sizes. This is why people living with HIV choose to live positive lives and others have even become spokespersons, health advisors and more. Their key was choosing to turn their negatives into positives. It is great comfort to get advice from someone who has actually experienced the disease than someone whose an expert on the disease. Shopaholics should also take note by finding ways to save more, shop less but still shop. This will eventually help others with the same problem because the reformed shop aholic can give tips on where to bargain shop and so on. If you over work, one can find a way to balance their time and perhaps write a book about or an informative article on it. In my opinion people should just make their bad habits work for them. You never know what you might just get.

Friday, 24 February 2012


I have always been a fan of shoes, high heels, platforms, wedges, you name it. They give me this feeling of sexiness, confidence and this uber cool feel that I can conquer the world. My earliest memory of stilletos was when I was in preschool. I would put on my mothers shoes and pretend I was her. Graceful, beautiful and oh so fabulous. I was so glad to receive my first pair when I was in grade five. The attention I got was amazing. I was a natural and never needed to learn to walk with them. My feet were made for heels. Not forgeting I bagged my first crush in them (blushing) and forgetting the pain in my toes. I have worn them since then swapping them, for flats once in a while but never feeling right. Were was I oh my crush. Since then I have believed that If you wear heels anyone can fall in love with you and more so yourself. My love for shoes lives on till today as a young adult with more exposure to Steve Madden shoes and Nine West boots (oh yah I got them). I just love them. Men's shoes are important to me too because when I guy walks up to me I look at his shoes first. Not that his eyes, bod and personality do not matter but the shoes say a lot. It means that if he wears a good pair of shoes he will buy me good shoes too. Now who doesn't want that.
Till next time
Forever loving shoes.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Goodbye Cleo

Cleo South Africa has made all my fashion dreams come true from the classrooms, pavement (ala catwalk), romantic dates to night outs with the girls. So I was completely shattered to find out that the February issue was the last one. Instead of Cleo making Valentine month special it totally broke my heart. This post is a tribute to Cleo. Cleo has kept me from gettingy arressted by the fashion police at the same time teaching me that its good to take risks sometimes. I have managed to get high fives for looking good and comments on where I got those uber cool shoes. (All thanks to Cleo's bargain buys). From the sealed section that has indulged my oh so dirty mind snd given me most of my fun ideas that have kept the fire burning in my relationship.. Cleo has always been my answer and recipe magazine for all things a Cleo Glamour girl needs to know to get ahead. I started reading Cleo when it first came out almost 5 years ago. Gosh I am a true magazine monger but I have been a proud die hard fan for so long and will cherish all the copies I have bought since then (yes I still have them). I will really miss looking out for it in the stores but you always will be an amazing part of my life. Missing Cleo already.

Siyanora Cleo. mwaah