Monday, 30 July 2012

When the abuser walks free

What happens to those who got raped or abused in other forms and kept it a secret? They get to see him laugh, joke, hang out with friends and even go partying with other girls. Should you not warn them about his new life without you and how he was then? Were we not created to give people second chances so that we can let go of our past hurts? The men in our lives we let go free, might not have been an easy decision to make but sometimes it is best decision when you are okay whether his behind or outside bars. The thought of seeing him makes your heart stop, the silly things he still says remind you that among the men his one of the boys and he will never change. So you feel sorry for him and not yourself because you have grown while he stays behind. The fact that you let him walk shows that regardless of fear you have the power because you held or still hold the key to whether he walks free or not. No man can control you unless you let him.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Privates of the Carribean

Ever wondered what it is like to be captured by a pirate (ala Johnny Depp) and have him take all of your innocence and you like it? Well It's just like when the man of your dreams takes your hand and makes passionate love to you and even when you wreathing in pleasure he keeps going on and on showing no signs of mercy. In a good way though. His penis is like nothing you have ever experienced before it takes you to wild and exotic places. You feel like you high on an island in Jamaica or somewhere in Ibiza where the party never stops. His privates are something moulded deep within the Carribean. You can search far and wide but there would never be a sight like it. When its time to eat the forbidden fruit you shall show all enthusiasm.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Killer heels

So when I finally got my David Tlale heels. My feet felt like they were in shoe heaven. The color, the print now who wouldn't want that. So on my next night  out I am going to rock my sexy heels because pumps are just not exciting enough for a night out. I get to wear my sexy outfit, killer heels and just have a good time. It's going to be a crazy night and my killer heels are going to make it happen for me. I have always ben one to rock sexy heels like Nine West, Plum and many others so who can resist David Tlale's designer charm. Just had to get them. Winter aint got nothing on me. I am taking it on one designer heel at a time.

The best sex happens in high heels

These will do the job
So once in a while every girl needs to spice up their relationship whether it means they have to juice it up with some sexy lingerie, no granny panties please! Do whatever you have to do to look and feel good about yourself and your man will appreciate it. End it off with your favourite sexy heels and he will be all over you plus it will do wonders to your relationship. So when he tries to take them off you just have to tell him the heels stay on. Its like those office quickies where there is  no time to take anything off  this moment will remind him of that and he will be so excited and very compliant the rest they say is history but be careful when you hit the Big O you dont hurt him with your heels.

Real men do not run away
Often we find ourselves wondering what type of men we need in our lives and who will be the best man to take home to meet the fam but it seems everywhere we look there are women who are left single because their man was not ready to commit or even worse becoming a single parent.Where have the real men gone and how do we seperate the boys from the men? I often wonder if we the women are to blame. Our hearts easily fall in love and is it wrong to love someone fully? Why do these men leave and who is to blame? I know sometimes us women are hard to put up with but when he decides to turn his back on his responsibilities even when he knows you have been making love to each other day in and out he still chooses to deny his baby the famous line "its not mine" rings a bell. So ladies instead of feeling sorry for yourself and blaming yourself realise that you do not need that brother anyway because real men do not run away.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Liberated woman or Slut?

               Beware the independent women  
Women love it when they are appreciated, shown love and care this however leads us to being open to being screwed and feeling used. This has led to the rise of the modern day independent women. They know what they want and go for it. So because she wakes up before you and tells you ''great sex but you have to leave now and no am not going to give you my number." Men gasp in awe and then call us sluts and bitches however men pull stunts like this all the time and we should not be treated differently. Pay back is a bitch but if you had done it right the first time we wouldn't feel the need to stand our own ground plus its not all about you. We are sensual beings and love sex just as much as u do so now that we are comfortable in our own skin and want to look sexy all because of ourselves and not to impress you it becomes a big deal. If we want to have many sexual conquests let us and when we want to settle we will. There is nothing wrong about being 30 and no ring nowadays. We channeling our sex kitten rolemodels from Sex in the City and if we want to have orgasms and yell we will. Call us sluts if you want but more and more independent women are joining the race and we cant all be sluts but if u still want to call us sluts anyway go ahead because we are sexy Biacthes and don't give a fuck.