Monday, 15 October 2012

Birthday Speech

This is a little something I wrote for my family as a speech on my birthday.......
21 September 1991 was the day I came into this world and today is the 21st of September 2012. It has been a long journey and I am sure that there is a lot in store for me in the many more years to come. Being brought into this world and looking at the world with innocent eyes during my childhood is one of the moments I wish I could go back to but now am all grown up now and I see the world in different eyes. I realise now why mum would always say don’t be in a rush to grow up. Mum I love you and I always will. I thank you for being my rock and trying to protect me from the things I still struggle to understand. Sometimes I feel I robbed your from enjoying being young when you had me but I know now that it is a blessing because we’ve grown together, I apologize for giving you a hard time at times and I apologize for the hard times we will face later on but I want you to know all I ever strive for is to make you happy and proud. You the coolest mum I know and now that I am growing up I see qualities in me that are so much like yours and I know that my mother is a fighter and if I can have one quality of yours that’s one thing I am proud of. I am proud to have a mum like you who raised me, pulled my ears and combed my hair. I love you mum and I appreciate all the things you have done for me. Together we are not just mother and daughter now I can say we are superwomen and I thank you for birthing life and igniting the light within me that you call Chiedza. I want to thank the rest of my family for always believing in me even when I never believed in myself. I understand it’s not easy to have a daughter, granddaughter, niece or cousin who is as outspoken, blunt and a little bit crazy like me. I know sometimes you never understand the decisions I make but I know it has never stopped you from loving me. I am grateful. To my Gogo, my source, my strength and my friend I’d like to thank you for showing me what strong, independent women are like. And for always giving me more pocket money even though u knew I had because u believed girls shouldn’t go around without money otherwise they will start looking for trouble, the girl talks we had and the never ending African movies we could never change the channel even when you knew you were falling asleep on the couch, thank God for PVR now. Sometimes I’d keep quiet when you asked who’s in the kitchen even when I was there because I knew you would ask for some ice blocks but am glad you are my Gogo because that’s what makes you special. To Aunty Tendi thank you for making me realise its okay to say good riddance to guys who don’t deserve me and yes for changing my poopoo diaper something you never let me forget, To my dad even though I don’t see you everyday and your not so much a part of my life as much as I want you to be, you taught me one thing that no man will ever love me as much as my daddy. To Mu thanks for always having my back and protecting my honour when guys try to diss me, To uncle tucx where do I start with u firstly id like to apologize for painting your toes and putting Sibongile Aza’s black baby in your blankets. But I want to thank you because you have been the weirdly absurdly father figure in my life. When I am down you always know there’s Chicken Licken, when we are bored u always know we can call friends and have a braai or better yet call Chichi when you’ve got a horror movie to watch and you pretend you not scared but u just want to watch it with. You taught me not to take life too seriously live everyday like it’s your last but always keep a level head. Uncle Jim well I don’t see you much but you’ve bailed me out on numerous occasions and I am forever grateful. You have taught me the importance of having your family’s back even if you don’t see them everyday, To my crazy little sister Aza u taught me what it means to a big sister even though I longed for a big sister myself when I was growing up. I love u always from your quirky videos, your dance moves and the fact that you followed after me outspoken and u r yourself. Let no one ever tell you you’re not good enough because u go beyond that seeing your smile brightens my day no matter how angry I am. Your hugs and your baby voice make you who you are. You are my little star and I know in my heart that when you grow up you will be an even bigger and brighter star, To Michael my brother from another mother, today is our birthday and I am so happy to share my special day with. You taught me the value of hommies over whores excuse my language, u taught me that no matter what people say I am the best damn thing and anyone would be a fool not to cherish me. You taught me the value of me and that even when we sitting on the corner stoop we don’t have to limit ourselves to that stoop we can be anything we want to be and even when we fail and people laugh we can keep trying. Nothing can take that away from us the fighter’s spirit, the legends 305 till we die. I l.ove u. To Pulu I miss u and I wish u were here with us celebrating. You always believed in me and always gave me the best advice in short never marry a zezuru Muzukuru, work hard and be strong. Plus dance even if you are not a great dancer. I love u Pulu and hope u looking down on us smiling. I hope I make u proud. Finally Melody my best friend, I don’t know where u came from and how it happened, I treated u badly at first and I’m sorry but I’m glad we looked passed that and u arrived in my life like a shooting star u are one of a kind. U always used to knock on my window to go to church on Sundays and I always used to be like cant she leave me alone why does she bother. You saved my life when I was really down, when I needed someone to show me the way. I love you for that and even though we are polar opposites u get me and I can’t imagine my life without you. So I thank you for being my best friend and I hope things will never change. Thank you all for being here with me today.
I would like to toast to celebrating life.

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