Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Rocking the print
Hi my name is ChiChi and I am an animal print addict. If only there was a group meeting like that FAA (fashion addicts annonymous). When it comes to fashion I have never been one to follow the trends that just pop up despite my love for clothes and all things fashion. I remember some years back when everyone was wearing those JLO and Baby Phat tracksuites. Every street corner was screaming tracksuites so I decided not to follow suite. Why would I want to look like every other woman on the street. I am after all my own kind of woman. However it is true what they say never say never. I have fallen for a trend real hard. Animal print this and animal print that. There is never a bad animalprint. Over the months I have collected enough the animal print garb to last me over two weeks. I could wear something different for a fortnight and it will still be animal print and I aint stopping shopping there. However the good thing about animal print is that not everyone can pull it off and even though it is everywhere I am still my own woman when  I rock this trend.  I do not know why but I feel wild and fierce GRRRR I got my claws out. Go get yourselves something nice preferably print.
Til next time I'm forever loving animal print.

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