Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's official girls are stupid

It amazes me how stupid us girls are. When a guy walks up to you and tells you the most idiotic stuff or even insults you, you end up falling for him. To make things worse even when you know his no good for you, you stupid enough to believe he actually loves you. To top it off when he cheats we forgive him but we know if the tables were turned we would be dumped right on the spot. After waiting for hours for him to show up, he ditches you and you still stupid enough to call him and apologise for his mistakes. Girls are just plain stupid in my opinion, we fall for the same lines and worst of all guys know this and they use it to their advantage all the time. We put the E in easy. I have been reading the Man Diet by Zoe Strimpel so if we going to get rid of our stupidity I would advise everyone to read it. With rules like do not pursue, no facebook stalking, limiting booze intake which makes us fall deeper into these men's stupid lines plus no strings attached sex and many others. We all want to gain some self worth and be less stupid. so go on  you have everything to gain. (Brains perhaps).

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