Monday, 28 May 2012

Memories to cherish

Mel and Chichi

Besties always
So Saturday nyt turned out to be the best night ever. It was my bestfriends birthday and we enjoyed a night out in Fourways at an uber cool restaraunt called Rodizio. The vibe was upbeat and amazing. The couple next to me were gazing into each others eyes and holdin hands as they fed each other like in the movies. There where truly madly in love funny thing is I was happy for them theres nothing more beautiful than people who are not afraid to show their love. (Note to self marry a white guy or a coconut at least). Enjoying shooters of liquid cocaine, not forgetin a drink that shares my name Chi Chi (match made in alcoholic heaven). The food was amazing all u can eat meat (great for me cos am not one to eat salads and say am satisfied). The salsa dancers where on fire plus we got to dance to the macarena lol. The night ended well with a Flaming lamborgini that really had me going crazy. It doesnt hurt to get a little high u only live once after all. It was a night to remember and the memories are forever cherished. Hope I made her day special. Love u bestie. mwaah

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  1. I had a fab day, thank you darling. Love you too... mwah mwah mwah... You mean a lot to me