Monday, 20 May 2013

I'm so glad I met you

I'm so glad I met you
Because you awaken
A frozen part of me
That I had forgotten about
And after such a long time
I can now feel the boom
Within my heart
I'm so glad I met you
Because I can't help but be excited
I'm so glad I met you
Because I can feel it right here
How does God
Make such a beautiful soul?
Is this what I have been waiting for?
For you to choose me when you can
be with anyone else right now?
I'm so glad I met you
Because now I can never forget you
With all that I have to give
I will spend these moments with you
I can't even ask for more
Am I ready for this?
Are you?
Should I hold your hand
And not be afraid that you will let it go
I'm so glad I met you
Because now I have you
To love and hold

Wednesday, 15 May 2013



Am really sad
Right now
Broken is the word
And I feel sorry for the girl I've become
Because I still feel this can't  possibly be me
Broken is the word
When your record no longer
Plays fine music
When you're screaming
Your lungs out
And noone can hear you
I've missed you
I've missed the part of me
That made me love you more
How can you not feel this?
And how can you still go on?
We made so many silent promises
And held on tight
I must admit when
You left
It was like someone died
But you were still there
But I couldn't breathe your air
Or hold your hand
And now I'm left with so many
If only's
Hoping one day I can just let it be
And no longer be broken
Broken is the word
When a girl loses the man
She truly loves

Dreams of you

How can I manage to still
Dream those dreams?
After so long its like
A terrible nightmare
Of the days you broke my heart
I can see me
I can see you
But even in my dreams
I still fight for you
And I still get my heart broken
Why I have so much faith
I don't understand?
Will you get out of my head!
Theses dreams
That turn into nightmares
Wake me up in a cold sweat
As my heart beats fast
As tears stream down my cheeks
I look beside me
And you're not there
Then I realise that
You've been gone for so long
I realise its
Still there
That pain
And I ask myself
Will it ever go away?
To lose my world
And so much more
As I lay my head
Back to sleep
I pray
I don't dream
These dreams
That break my heart
That rip apart my soul
I never imagined
It would hurt
When I dream
These dreams of you

Friday, 10 May 2013

To love someone so much

       We go together like copy and paste            (
To love someone so much
And feel like you have no need
To love anyone else
And to lose that
Its like the world is
Coming down crashing
All on top of you
It kills me
It truly does
To love a man
Aint an easy thing
His either yours
Or someone else's man
So what do you do
When your soul is crying out for more?
As you reach out for that bottle
That numbs the pain
To hold your world
In the palm of his hands
And to have him throw it all away
To think that that man, that very man
His the love of my life
He crushed me
The very part of me
That breathes life
So when its time to let it all go
And your friends try to hold your hand
Who are you?
Are you still that girl?
How can I hate you?
When hating you is like hating myself
Till we meet again my love
P.S Don't ever forget me.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Who to call & What to say?

Sitting here
Thinking what could have been
As I feel my heart sink in
Who to call?
And what to say?
Pains me
To come so far
And not be able to reach out
And grab it
I'm cold and all alone
With noone to call my own
This sickening feeling
That won't leave my heart
So I fight
I fight real hard
To keep myself from dying
To keep the spark alive within me
Who to call?
And what to say?
I used to call you everyday
But then I realised
You were not mine to call
my own
It hit me
This silence
Was the only way I could save my soul
The very last bits of me
That were left
When you took it all away
Who to call?
And what to say?
I can tell you I missed you every day
And I remember the things you said
You broke my heart
And each day I tried to claim it back
Because it's not the same
When all your pieces are not all together
So why do you think I didn't call?
Because it hurt to know
That I was reaching out to
Something I couldn't have
To call my own