Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It's official men like to be teased
So foreplay is just not about the ladies after all. Guys may not always admit this but men love it when a woman drives him wild with want before he gets his cake. He will love you for it and it will leave him begging you for more. A friend of mine mentioned that "it also gives him hints about your sexuality and then he knows whether or not he wants more or not". Kisses here and there. Show some skin before actually getting naked. Plus once you tease him its a quick way to turn him on and heightens their need to pounce. My dear friend T had this to say, " Well as  for me its a two way thing. If I am really horny and have not screwed in a while I really just want to get it in and then after that if we can tease. But if I am not that thirsty I really want to take time to cuddle, kiss and yeah get teased."  All I can say is once you done teasing your man they will be a massive explosion.

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