Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The forbidden fruit

So Ive decided to (journalize) not an actual word, about the power of sex with someone you love. In other words this is making love. So the moment when you just have to write about great sex you know for sure it was great sex. When you have a great connection with someone and you decide to indulge in pleasures for the both of you nothing can beat that, even a booze filled one night stand cannot compete. When you really love someone and you choose to share the most intimate parts of you it becomes more than just indulging in the forbidden fruit but something that can change everything you have. The way you see that person is with more love and more adoration because you have opened yourself up to someone and they have seen and felt your vulnerabilities. When loving happens like that it cant just be frorbidden but beautiful. Moments like these dont just happen in fairy tales they happen when you choose to put your heart and body in one place. It's even better when bothg of you make that choice together.

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