Monday, 30 July 2012

When the abuser walks free

What happens to those who got raped or abused in other forms and kept it a secret? They get to see him laugh, joke, hang out with friends and even go partying with other girls. Should you not warn them about his new life without you and how he was then? Were we not created to give people second chances so that we can let go of our past hurts? The men in our lives we let go free, might not have been an easy decision to make but sometimes it is best decision when you are okay whether his behind or outside bars. The thought of seeing him makes your heart stop, the silly things he still says remind you that among the men his one of the boys and he will never change. So you feel sorry for him and not yourself because you have grown while he stays behind. The fact that you let him walk shows that regardless of fear you have the power because you held or still hold the key to whether he walks free or not. No man can control you unless you let him.

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