Monday, 17 February 2014

You're the man/A gentleman/Afraid to lose you

As I lay awake
The thought of my heart break
Your heart break
I can't stand it
And I take two steps back instead of forward
Driven by emotion
This brain starts calling
Hello are you there?
Is this the lifeline?
I'm giving away my heart
These emotions are too deep
Remembering the more I feel
The more I give away a part of me
Then I feel the earth quake
On my chest
And it hurts
How it would feel
To wake and you're not there anymore
Next to me
It's an experience
So I beat on me
And ask myself
Can you take this?
Always be a man
and finish what you started
Honestly all this rhetoric and emotion
Its a manifestation in progress
A human mess
Truth is you mean everything to me
I would never want to share you
Or lose you
So I choose to stay
And never walk away
 Because I still believe
You're the man your mama raised you to be
A gentleman