Thursday, 26 September 2013

I used to follow my heart

I used to follow my heart

But now it’s the last thing I trust

Relationships scare me

Because when they end

It can really hurt

I used to follow my heart

When loving him meant everything

I haven’t forgotten him

Though by now I should

He left with my heart a long time ago

And now someone else is willing to try

Someone else wants to take my heart again

But they don’t know

Beneath the smile

My heart stopped beating a long time ago

I used to follow my heart

Because before there was nothing to lose

I sometimes wonder

When he lay in his bed

With my heart tucked under his sleeve

Does he know what he did to me?

I have a whole lot of love with me

I take it to bed with me at night

But when someone tells me they want to love me

I am incapable of loving them

Because I know longer follow my heart

I used to follow my heart

But he left with it

When he left me

Experimental Stimulation


I do it so I know where my spot is

I discover who I am

So I can tell you how I want it

I feel the little pussy beats in my pants

I feel my nipples harden

Before I climax

I take out my toys

For experimental purposes

And when my boy comes

I know exactly how I like it

With my panties on

I put your hands down there

And tell you to grab it

My clit

Gets stuck in sensation

While we on some sexual stimulation

I’m tight

But I keep getting tighter

And I’m swelling

Into a spray- - in

Ain’t no time for loving and kissing

We on some experimental stimulation

Take your dick out

And tell me

To grab it

Hit it on my clit

And add to

My experimental stimulation

This bitch bout to spray - - in

Off some experimental


Side Chick

A side chick

Almost always knows about the main chick

Others are trying to be the main chick

But most of the time

They are happy being the side chick

A side chick gets almost the same benefits

As the main chick

And other times they get more

A side chick does most of the things

The main chick doesn’t do

That includes having his dick

Slapped all over her face

A side chick respects her man

Knows when to call

And when not to call daddy

She’s happy with his casual visits

And knows not to care too much

Because she has no right to nag or shout

She already knows his cheating with her

And he will almost always choose the main chick over her

But sometimes feelings get too deep

And he starts to tell her he loves her

And then she starts to feel it too

Now she can’t stand him being with her

When she feels he now belongs to her

Half the time

A side chick falls in love with her supposed man

And sometimes he makes her feel she can

Side chicks should remember that

Just because he leaves her to come to you

Doesn’t mean he won’t go back

Even if he spends a whole year with you

And not her

It doesn’t mean his going to make you his main chick

A side chick is and always will be

Just a side chick



Wednesday, 25 September 2013

On the Bathroom floor

As I lay here on the

Bathroom floor


As I hold the pregnancy test

in my hand

Tears roll down the apple

of my cheeks

Alone in this

Those very moments

I discovered

I would be a mother

Eve though long gone

Is still with us

And surely I will bring you

into the world in sorrow

It shall come to pass

that I am confounded by fear

And I want to cry out

My heart wants to burst out

I’m afraid

I’ve never been so scared in my life

Then again everything we did

as we consummated

was exactly what we wanted

It was never what I intended

Expecting you so soon

My first born child

It’s too soon

It’s too soon

As I lay on the bathroom floor


Truly I shall bring you into the world

In sorrow


Dear Girls.....From the Boys

Dear Girls……From the Boys

Boys don’t like to cuddle

They don’t want you touching them after sex

And if they fall asleep


Don’t get mad

Take it as a compliment

It means the sex was fantastic

And yes sex is everything

In a guys mind it’s a great way to bolster the relationship

So understand that we hate it when you hold out for  too long

Not all of us are dogs

We do get vulnerable but are only willing to

Show it to you and no one else

And sometimes we just need to be understood

Don’t come around to change us

Because we only change if that’s what we want

And when we mad

Talking about it might not even change things

But a blow job might help

Men love blow jobs

And it’s true

Sometimes we don’t know what we want

Sometimes we do

And we let it go because we get scared

And beat ourselves up for it after

We might not seem focused enough for you

It’s just that we like having fun

We probably have slept with your bestfriend

And yes we think she’s a slut

But it doesn’t mean I love you less

When we say it was ‘just sex’ it usually is

As much as we appreciate

The independent women of today

We still want to be in control

Did I mention a blow job works almost everytime

Love the Boys

Monday, 23 September 2013

When you just have to bite the pillow


I was halfway through my other poem
Before he took me into his arms
Without letting me finish
His strong arms around me
As his lips ravaged me
This was when I should have held back
But I couldn’t
He was drawing me in
As my heart beat faster
And the bulge in his pants grew
In want of me
I reciprocated
As I felt myself pulsate
Down there
He carried me to his bed
And undressed me
As he looked
Upon my naked beauty
In that moment I was open fully to him
Our breathing got deeper
And the love sounds we made
That’s when you just have to bite the pillow
To keep the passionate pleasurable moans
From a pleasurable escape
When you just have to bite the pillow
It’s a moment only a woman would know
And a man can only see

Friday, 13 September 2013

I am an African

I am an African
I was born in Zimbabwe

My face has been burn’t by the

By the beautiful African sun

I am dark and lovely

I am an African

The cracks on my heels

Have developed from my walk

On this continent

I am an African

Black, coloured or white

This is our home

Filled with all kinds of people

Our child bearing hips

Go on

And the mounds beneath our backs

Make us who we are

Our trees bear the Marula fruit

We are home to Mt Kilimanjaro

I am an African

And I am also dark and lovely

From the Cape

To the pyramids of Egypt

I am an African

Thursday, 12 September 2013

God Blesses Us

In life we must never forget

To thank God for everything he has done for us

For he truly is

A merciful God

All we have

And all we are

We owe it all to God

God blesses us

So we can proclaim his name

Exalt his name high

I thank you Lord

For all that I am

From the day we were born

Till this very day

No matter the ups and downs

We are still here

God blesses us

So we shall forever praise

And be thankful

For God blesses us

All of us


For my Unborn Child

Motherhood comes when you least expect it

Though others plan it

For some it’s thrust upon them

Questions race through your mind

Your heart races a lot faster

And sometimes you can’t think straight

Because you’re uncertain about the future

Will you be able to give your child

the best possible life?

Can I handle birthing life?

Are my child bearing hips

strong enough?

Will I make it?

I can feel you growing in me

I know you before you even know yourself

I have named you

Before you have left my womb

You will come to know me as mother

Will you be as handsome as your father

Or will you be as beautiful as your mother?

I am yet to know you

But I love you already

And I can’t wait to see you

I am your mother

Mother to Child

As you keep growing in me
I get more anxious
What our lives will be like
And will you love me enough?
I am scared that I won’t been enough for you
And that I have to do this alone
It’s not what I imagined it to be
It’s not how I imagined us meeting
But I have to be strong
And try for both of us
Because at the end of the day
All we have is each other
I shall nurse you, clothe you and feed you
For mother is protector
Mother is God in the eyes of the child
So I shall guard you jealously
And give you every ounce of love I have
For only you are deserving
You are me
You are a part of me
So my child
Know I will always be there for you
Till my flesh fails me

Monday, 9 September 2013

Lucky Charm


I’ve never been more charmed
To have you as my lucky charm
Whenever you’re around
I get nervous and shy
I’m drawn to you
And my words never lie
You have my heart
Because you’re my lucky charm
You make my fantasies come alive
You set my blood in rush
Like a veldt fire blaze
If only I had found you sooner
Everything else would have made more sense
But the truth is I already found you
Because you were always right there in front of me
To make your way
Through the maze of my heart
Only someone so lucky
Could ever do that
I’m stuck on you
Like super glue
My smile never fades
When I’m around you
And when you kiss me here
And a little down there
I’m open to all of you
How can I be so lucky?
To have found
My lucky charm
In you
There is nothing more beautiful
Than falling in love with you
So I hold onto my lucky charm
Because I’m not the same without it