Friday, 20 July 2012

Real men do not run away
Often we find ourselves wondering what type of men we need in our lives and who will be the best man to take home to meet the fam but it seems everywhere we look there are women who are left single because their man was not ready to commit or even worse becoming a single parent.Where have the real men gone and how do we seperate the boys from the men? I often wonder if we the women are to blame. Our hearts easily fall in love and is it wrong to love someone fully? Why do these men leave and who is to blame? I know sometimes us women are hard to put up with but when he decides to turn his back on his responsibilities even when he knows you have been making love to each other day in and out he still chooses to deny his baby the famous line "its not mine" rings a bell. So ladies instead of feeling sorry for yourself and blaming yourself realise that you do not need that brother anyway because real men do not run away.

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