Monday, 27 August 2012

Khanyi Mbau Revealed

                                                            It is what it is          

Khanyi Mbau was once one of the most photographed and talked about woman in Mzansi. She is back in the media again with her new biography “Bitch Please I’m Khanyi Mbau. Others have found this title too out there but I would like to think it is what it is. In this book she airs out her dirty laundry as she tries to clean up her image. Written by Lesley Mofokeng a journalist and under the guidance of Khanyi her scandals come to the fore and the lessons she has learnt are revealed to all. I had missed Khanyi Mbau’s antics so am glad the book is out so I can get a slice of the cake too. The Queen of Bling always knows how to make her mark and this book sure has stirred up a lot of controversy. She talks of her insecurities when she was Mandla’s wife, why the White wedding never happened and how he abused her during her pregnancy and after and her fears come out and the truth behind all the bling. This read is sure to teach readers something as well ‘what you see isn’t always what it seems’ and it sought of made me feel sorry for her.

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