Monday, 8 April 2013

It was never just a feeling/ Loving you became my whole being

I really wonder why its so hard for me
To get rid of the memories of you?
Why even when I try it's so hard to let go?
And how I am left inspired to write
About the deepest pains within my heart
I truly miss you I really do
And sometimes I wish
I could rewind time
And be stuck in the moment
Those moments of you and I
That I just can't let go
Those moments you lay next to me
And all I could think of was this is
The man for me
And now I sit down and think and wonder
When you looking at the moon and stars
Or when you're all alone in your bed
Do you ever think of me and
Do you miss me as much as I miss you?
It was never just a feeling
Loving you became my whole being
And there was no me without you
I've been thinking maybe if I just call you
And you'd hear my voice and
Maybe just maybe
You'd remember the days I used to
Call and you wouldn't  want to
get off the phone
Why is it I love you so much
Even when you're long gone?
I can't forget the feelings
These warm hearted feelings
That have left me in pieces
As I miss your kisses
I can only hope when you look at the moon and stars
And lay down alone in bed
You think of me
Like I think of you

By Chiedza Mebe

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