Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I should have said goodbye

I should have said goodbye to you
Those many nights ago
When you shut the door
A closed door
That neither one of us can open anymore
As I lay here
And hold on to the memories
The last memories of you and me
And how it used to be
I realise its still there
That pain
That engulfs me
And releases a flood of tears
Who am I?
Who is this girl
that I have become?
Can you still hear me
Calling out for you not to go?
How can you be so cruel
To say you loved me
When you always knew you would shut the door?
Who am I?
Am I still the girl?
The one girl who loved with all her heart
Or am I just a broken reflection
Of the girl who once held your hand
It can't possibly be true that
you're not here anymore
Whats the point of being whole when
you're other half is gone?
Why am I still crying
over someone who God rejected for me?
As I hold onto the shadows
And hold onto my pillow tight
Remembering your embrace
Don't feel sorry for me
I wont allow it
I ask myself again
Who am I?
I'm just a broken hearted girl

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