Monday, 22 April 2013

Didn't know what love was

I never knew that I did not know it
Till one day when your eyes met mine
Just one gaze and you wanted to kiss me
Secretly blushing inside
Sometimes in the corridor
You’d pass me by
And I could not help but feel a rush
Adrenaline playing its toll on me
Not knowing cupid’s arrow
Had hit me straight through the heart
The look in your eyes
Showed me you wanted me
The beat in my heart
That could last and last
Showed me I needed you
With loves true kiss
And amazed hearts
Through the corridors of love
You told me it could be done
I dared you and said it wouldn’t
But who knew love
Would spur you on
And the love would be sealed
By just one kiss
A different taste
Made it known
There is a difference
When it came to knowing
It was love

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