Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I thought you were my friend


I thought you were my friend
True friends stand up for you
And don't just up and leave
Because someone said something
About me even if its true
How do you walk out on your
lifetime friendship just because
of one scandal?
I always had your back
Even when yo were on some stupid shit
But now the tables have turned
And the blame is all on me
You walk out on me
When I need you the most
I thought you were my friend
My best friend
But I guess I'm wrong
All good things can't last forever
But I believed in you even when
everybody else was laughing
behind your back
I stayed true to you and this is 
how you repay me
Now I know who
You truly are
And nothing will ever
be the same
For someone whose known me
My whole life
It just took a minute to
throw it all away
I bid you goodbye my friend
Guess it's no longer riding till we die
I thought you were my friend
But I guess I thought wrong

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