Sunday, 21 April 2013

Drunk Angry Poetry

Hungover but one of the most famous cartoon characters
The things we do when we are drunk
Leaves us with questions that
remain unanswered
It starts out as just screwing around
And having a good time then it
Blows up in your face
So what if I am loud
And a little outspoken for the
Ordinary folk
Do I have to explain my every
move to you?
Sometimes I don’t remember
What I did and said
But it’s something you have
to brush off
Stop acting like you’ve never
been drunk before
And done some stupid things
You judging me before you judge yourself
Going around saying
things about me because
you’ve nothing else better to do
Some stars are on the rise
No matter what you say
And hell yeah I will pop champagne
When I get there
You aint seen the last of me
I’ll give you more things to talk about
If I told you to fuck off
I will tell you again
FU and your whole existence
I will continue to do me
 To have fun and say what I want when I want
Because I get what I want
And I aint stopping for nobody
Especially you
A broke ass nigga
Who borrows someone else’s shoes
Screw you

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