Thursday, 26 September 2013

Side Chick

A side chick

Almost always knows about the main chick

Others are trying to be the main chick

But most of the time

They are happy being the side chick

A side chick gets almost the same benefits

As the main chick

And other times they get more

A side chick does most of the things

The main chick doesn’t do

That includes having his dick

Slapped all over her face

A side chick respects her man

Knows when to call

And when not to call daddy

She’s happy with his casual visits

And knows not to care too much

Because she has no right to nag or shout

She already knows his cheating with her

And he will almost always choose the main chick over her

But sometimes feelings get too deep

And he starts to tell her he loves her

And then she starts to feel it too

Now she can’t stand him being with her

When she feels he now belongs to her

Half the time

A side chick falls in love with her supposed man

And sometimes he makes her feel she can

Side chicks should remember that

Just because he leaves her to come to you

Doesn’t mean he won’t go back

Even if he spends a whole year with you

And not her

It doesn’t mean his going to make you his main chick

A side chick is and always will be

Just a side chick



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