Thursday, 26 September 2013

Experimental Stimulation


I do it so I know where my spot is

I discover who I am

So I can tell you how I want it

I feel the little pussy beats in my pants

I feel my nipples harden

Before I climax

I take out my toys

For experimental purposes

And when my boy comes

I know exactly how I like it

With my panties on

I put your hands down there

And tell you to grab it

My clit

Gets stuck in sensation

While we on some sexual stimulation

I’m tight

But I keep getting tighter

And I’m swelling

Into a spray- - in

Ain’t no time for loving and kissing

We on some experimental stimulation

Take your dick out

And tell me

To grab it

Hit it on my clit

And add to

My experimental stimulation

This bitch bout to spray - - in

Off some experimental


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