Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dear Girls.....From the Boys

Dear Girls……From the Boys

Boys don’t like to cuddle

They don’t want you touching them after sex

And if they fall asleep


Don’t get mad

Take it as a compliment

It means the sex was fantastic

And yes sex is everything

In a guys mind it’s a great way to bolster the relationship

So understand that we hate it when you hold out for  too long

Not all of us are dogs

We do get vulnerable but are only willing to

Show it to you and no one else

And sometimes we just need to be understood

Don’t come around to change us

Because we only change if that’s what we want

And when we mad

Talking about it might not even change things

But a blow job might help

Men love blow jobs

And it’s true

Sometimes we don’t know what we want

Sometimes we do

And we let it go because we get scared

And beat ourselves up for it after

We might not seem focused enough for you

It’s just that we like having fun

We probably have slept with your bestfriend

And yes we think she’s a slut

But it doesn’t mean I love you less

When we say it was ‘just sex’ it usually is

As much as we appreciate

The independent women of today

We still want to be in control

Did I mention a blow job works almost everytime

Love the Boys

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