Monday, 9 September 2013

Lucky Charm


I’ve never been more charmed
To have you as my lucky charm
Whenever you’re around
I get nervous and shy
I’m drawn to you
And my words never lie
You have my heart
Because you’re my lucky charm
You make my fantasies come alive
You set my blood in rush
Like a veldt fire blaze
If only I had found you sooner
Everything else would have made more sense
But the truth is I already found you
Because you were always right there in front of me
To make your way
Through the maze of my heart
Only someone so lucky
Could ever do that
I’m stuck on you
Like super glue
My smile never fades
When I’m around you
And when you kiss me here
And a little down there
I’m open to all of you
How can I be so lucky?
To have found
My lucky charm
In you
There is nothing more beautiful
Than falling in love with you
So I hold onto my lucky charm
Because I’m not the same without it