Friday, 23 August 2013

We are no longer human beings but you can change that


What have we done for our societies or our country? What differences have we made? Is there more that can be done and how can we come together, to make a change? In a world full of injustices, murder, backstabbing, rapes and in a world were more people have become more selfish, its saddening to know what we have become and what’s happening in the world around us. Do we really care about each other anymore? I think it’s fair to say that God must flood us all and cleanse us from what’s inside us.

We are no longer human beings, we have failed God and of course there are still a few good people left in this world but there are a whole lot of bad people too. How does global change begin? It begins with each and every one of us and it takes a strong people to acknowledge their wrongs and admit enough is enough.

We cannot sit down and let this beautiful world go to waste, we cannot sit down when innocent people are being shot in front of us and girls are still being raped and being reduced to nothing. I am somebody, I am worth something, I know what I stand for, do you?

Let’s be our own politicians, our own future leaders. No one should be allowed to control us into fear. We should not cower when we want to make a positive difference even if it’s being a leader at only 22. Nothing is impossible. Let’s dream big, think big and act big. We have yet to realise our own potential. I’m going out there to make my own difference and I hope you join me on this journey and start to make your own difference too.

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