Saturday, 17 August 2013

I am the Beauty and he is the Beast/His Ugly but makes beautiful love


I have never met a soul
So lovely and beautiful
Who wants to take care of my needs
And share even the little he has
When he holds my hand
He holds it like he would his future bride
So honest and so loving
I am the beauty
And he is the beast
His ugly but he makes beautiful love
He is imperfectly created
To touch the depths of my heart
How can someone so ugly make beautiful love?
He told me he would make me his bride
I am like a precious jewel
In his eyes
He doesn't see what everyone else sees
With him I come first
What can we teach each other?
I am the beauty
And he is the beast
I see the scars on his face
And I also see the love in his heart
Will he be the one to tame my wild heart?
The day I become his bride
The bride of a beast
Will I forever be entwined
To a beautiful love
And a face so ugly?
I am the beauty
And he is the beast
That has captured
My wild beating heart

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