Saturday, 17 August 2013

How Do We Know His The One

Some people say they knew it from day one, others say it took a little longer to realize they had met their soul mate and for some it just seems like the one doesn't exist at all. But personally I feel that no matter what anyone thinks you just know and sometimes we try so hard to fight the feeling because his not exactly what you expected him to be. At the end of the day however if he wants all of you and not half of you, if he would wife you and commit totally to you, then guaranteed he is the one for you. When a man is willing to let down his guard and put aside his ego for you and tell you how he feels even in front of his still not so settled friends, no matter if this makes him look less of a man and he still keeps at you best recognize. Consider yourself lucky and hold on for dear life, good men are hard to come by. There's still a lot more things that can make someone the One so at the end of the day depending on what makes you happy like I said earlier, you just know.

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