Saturday, 6 July 2013

His hands all over me


I can still feel his hands
Touching me
Caressing me
And feeling each part of my body
I close my eyes
Everytime I want to
Feel him all over me
The way he tugged at my tender breasts
And licked below my navel
The way he held me
Tight but gently
Lifted me up
And pulled me close
His hands have left me in a trance
I close my eyes
And all I can feel is
His hands all over me
The way he grabbed me from behind
Kissed my lips and neck
Bringing me to a near explosion
I bit my lip
And that deep sigh of satisfaction
Makes its way out
His hands all over me
Every part of me
I can almost feel the explosion
And I keep yearning and yearning and yearning
What treacherous sweet torture
His hands all over me

It’s an explosion

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