Thursday, 20 June 2013

When she can't stop smiling

When she can't stop smiling
After spending only ten minutes with you
Know that something is up
To think you were just a crush
And now you standing here right in front of me
Holding my hand
And telling me
You came all this way for me
What a way to give a girl
A heart attack
I feel like I want to play it
Over and over
Because a feeling like this
Doesn't just happen to anybody
I be wondering what a man like you is
doing with a girl like me?
Then you hold me close
Put me up against your chest
And tell me I fit just right
His bigger than most men I've met
His touch is gentler
And his love is just about to make
My heart stop
And when I'm just about to shut down
And let go of
all my defenses
He whispers in my ear
And my heart beats
Three times faster
And I can't stop smiling
Hours after his gone
Only one man can do that

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