Thursday, 13 June 2013

The one that just walked in

The one that just walked in
Might not be you
But he promised to love me
That's more than you ever did
We now have our song
We haven't had our first dance
But I'm sure it will happen soon
He knows I don't smile
At him like I used to smile at you
But his working on
Bringing that smile back
Closer to his home
It is not what I expected
But at times he has the strangest ability
To make me forget about you
He has dreams
That include me too
And when he holds me
I can tell he doesn't want to let go
And hopes I won't run back to you
And when I go into my thinking trance
He crouches down to me
Kisses my forehead
And tells me
I'm here now
And you will be fine
There are times he makes me laugh
Right to the depths of my soul
But I feel bad
That it's him and not you
But his the one that just walked in
And is slowly placing band aids
On my heart
Could second be just as good
As number one?

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