Tuesday, 4 June 2013

On a cold June day



It's moments like these
I wish you were right by my side
On a cold June day
As I snuggle up in bed
Enough the suitors
But none of them compares to you
So I choose to
Sleep alone tonight
And be comforted by the memories
I shared with you
In my bed
So many want to take your place
But there's nothing that compares
To the one
On a cold June day
I remember when you'd keep me warm at night
And we'd smile and laugh
How did we let that go?
So much love engulfed us
I don't want to forget a love like that
How can I delete such beautiful memories?
On a cold June day
I hug my pillow tight
And imagine all the love that's in my heart
Pouring out to you
It's not the same without you
It's colder than it's ever been
On  a cold June day
How can you not be here?

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