Wednesday, 19 June 2013

If you just walked in


If you just walked in
I want you to know
That this girl be loyal to you
I want to show you
That I got lots of love to give
And I be giving it just to you
I see the way you trying to make a girl feel special
It's making me more into you
And now I just want you
To watch what I'm gonna do
If you just walked in
Know that it's your time now
And I'd consider you one lucky guy
I can tell by the way you smiling right now
What's happening here is real
And I want it to last
If I have to show you now
What your girl can do
Then close the door behind you
And walk in
Your time is now
If you just walked in
Don't look behind you
There's nothing left back there for you
Except what's standing right in front of you
That's the moment you said
We would never be apart
And how much you needed me
If you just walked in
I'm taking this step with you
And I know now
I can rely on you
Cause even after you just walked in
You're still standing here
With me

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