Sunday, 5 May 2013

Who to call & What to say?

Sitting here
Thinking what could have been
As I feel my heart sink in
Who to call?
And what to say?
Pains me
To come so far
And not be able to reach out
And grab it
I'm cold and all alone
With noone to call my own
This sickening feeling
That won't leave my heart
So I fight
I fight real hard
To keep myself from dying
To keep the spark alive within me
Who to call?
And what to say?
I used to call you everyday
But then I realised
You were not mine to call
my own
It hit me
This silence
Was the only way I could save my soul
The very last bits of me
That were left
When you took it all away
Who to call?
And what to say?
I can tell you I missed you every day
And I remember the things you said
You broke my heart
And each day I tried to claim it back
Because it's not the same
When all your pieces are not all together
So why do you think I didn't call?
Because it hurt to know
That I was reaching out to
Something I couldn't have
To call my own

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