Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dreams of you

How can I manage to still
Dream those dreams?
After so long its like
A terrible nightmare
Of the days you broke my heart
I can see me
I can see you
But even in my dreams
I still fight for you
And I still get my heart broken
Why I have so much faith
I don't understand?
Will you get out of my head!
Theses dreams
That turn into nightmares
Wake me up in a cold sweat
As my heart beats fast
As tears stream down my cheeks
I look beside me
And you're not there
Then I realise that
You've been gone for so long
I realise its
Still there
That pain
And I ask myself
Will it ever go away?
To lose my world
And so much more
As I lay my head
Back to sleep
I pray
I don't dream
These dreams
That break my heart
That rip apart my soul
I never imagined
It would hurt
When I dream
These dreams of you

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