Friday, 10 May 2013

To love someone so much

       We go together like copy and paste            (
To love someone so much
And feel like you have no need
To love anyone else
And to lose that
Its like the world is
Coming down crashing
All on top of you
It kills me
It truly does
To love a man
Aint an easy thing
His either yours
Or someone else's man
So what do you do
When your soul is crying out for more?
As you reach out for that bottle
That numbs the pain
To hold your world
In the palm of his hands
And to have him throw it all away
To think that that man, that very man
His the love of my life
He crushed me
The very part of me
That breathes life
So when its time to let it all go
And your friends try to hold your hand
Who are you?
Are you still that girl?
How can I hate you?
When hating you is like hating myself
Till we meet again my love
P.S Don't ever forget me.

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