Wednesday, 15 May 2013



Am really sad
Right now
Broken is the word
And I feel sorry for the girl I've become
Because I still feel this can't  possibly be me
Broken is the word
When your record no longer
Plays fine music
When you're screaming
Your lungs out
And noone can hear you
I've missed you
I've missed the part of me
That made me love you more
How can you not feel this?
And how can you still go on?
We made so many silent promises
And held on tight
I must admit when
You left
It was like someone died
But you were still there
But I couldn't breathe your air
Or hold your hand
And now I'm left with so many
If only's
Hoping one day I can just let it be
And no longer be broken
Broken is the word
When a girl loses the man
She truly loves

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