Monday, 18 November 2013

Speed Dial

I have you on speed dial

Cause when I wake it’s all about you

I have to feed my addiction

I’m addicted to you

I hang onto every last word

It’s easy with you

I don’t have to pretend

I can just say how I feel

And I feel I’m into you

Every part of you

The minute our lips touched

And I felt my heart beat like it never did before

 I had you on speed dial

Because I can’t go a day without you

When I’m sad I know I can turn to you

And you will hold me like I’ve never been held before

I have you on speed dial

Because there’s no one else I want to spend

This day with

But you

Whatever extremist emotion I’ve felt

 I want to share it with you

I have you on speed dial because

You matter to me above anyone else

You are me

And I called to tell you I love you

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