Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My Beloved Wife


My Beloved Wife
It’s been a while since
I told you how beautiful you are
You truly are
I respect and love you
For all the efforts you make
To make our home a home
I can’t apologise enough
For not giving you a helping hand
When you need it most
And for the little things that
matter the most to you
I promise you I will be better for you
Because you have always been
The best for me
Even when the baby wouldn’t stop crying
And our teenager daughter
Slammed the door in your face
And called you the worst mother in the world
You never gave up
You still made dinner like it was your last
You deserve a bit more of everything
Because you’re beyond phenomenal
And you deserve to hear it more often
Being a mother, a wife, a friend, sister, daughter in law
Must be a lot for you
But on Sunday you still
Look good in your summer dress
And your Sunday brunch is amazing
My beloved wife
I love you
I may not say it everyday
But today I proclaim it for all to know
You are the strongest person I know
Your beauty never fades
Your place is in my heart
I love you now and forever
Don’t you ever forget that

Your beloved husband

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