Friday, 24 February 2012


I have always been a fan of shoes, high heels, platforms, wedges, you name it. They give me this feeling of sexiness, confidence and this uber cool feel that I can conquer the world. My earliest memory of stilletos was when I was in preschool. I would put on my mothers shoes and pretend I was her. Graceful, beautiful and oh so fabulous. I was so glad to receive my first pair when I was in grade five. The attention I got was amazing. I was a natural and never needed to learn to walk with them. My feet were made for heels. Not forgeting I bagged my first crush in them (blushing) and forgetting the pain in my toes. I have worn them since then swapping them, for flats once in a while but never feeling right. Were was I oh my crush. Since then I have believed that If you wear heels anyone can fall in love with you and more so yourself. My love for shoes lives on till today as a young adult with more exposure to Steve Madden shoes and Nine West boots (oh yah I got them). I just love them. Men's shoes are important to me too because when I guy walks up to me I look at his shoes first. Not that his eyes, bod and personality do not matter but the shoes say a lot. It means that if he wears a good pair of shoes he will buy me good shoes too. Now who doesn't want that.
Till next time
Forever loving shoes.

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