Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Goodbye Cleo

Cleo South Africa has made all my fashion dreams come true from the classrooms, pavement (ala catwalk), romantic dates to night outs with the girls. So I was completely shattered to find out that the February issue was the last one. Instead of Cleo making Valentine month special it totally broke my heart. This post is a tribute to Cleo. Cleo has kept me from gettingy arressted by the fashion police at the same time teaching me that its good to take risks sometimes. I have managed to get high fives for looking good and comments on where I got those uber cool shoes. (All thanks to Cleo's bargain buys). From the sealed section that has indulged my oh so dirty mind snd given me most of my fun ideas that have kept the fire burning in my relationship.. Cleo has always been my answer and recipe magazine for all things a Cleo Glamour girl needs to know to get ahead. I started reading Cleo when it first came out almost 5 years ago. Gosh I am a true magazine monger but I have been a proud die hard fan for so long and will cherish all the copies I have bought since then (yes I still have them). I will really miss looking out for it in the stores but you always will be an amazing part of my life. Missing Cleo already.

Siyanora Cleo. mwaah

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