Thursday, 23 January 2014

Respect His Ambition


There’s more to this man than just his smile. His ambition, his energy and power are always encouraging. There’s something about his strength that pushes me forward. By forward I mean I’m drawn to him. I can’t help it; I want whatever he has to rub off of me. I don’t think he realizes his effect on me, his effect on himself. His dreams are breathtaking and I feel nothing is too big for him. His going to succeed, it’s written in the stars, at least I’d like to think so. You’re a man in every sense of the word and you are going to win at everything. I know it in my heart you will. We have to respect his ambition and yes I say we, because besides me everyone else will, recognise it. There’s something about this man that can’t be ignored, he demands attention.  Ambition is a very attractive quality and it’s bigger and better when it’s followed by action. Each step you take makes you more and more a man in my eyes. You have grown and I believe, actually I want you to believe that you are making everyone proud. I respect every facet that makes you who you are, from what you have left behind, where you’re coming from, as you stand right now and where you’re going. You already have what you are after, so keep going. “Ambition now that’s the man I want to be with.”

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